[Resource] JonnyFive's WeatherFX (9/17/08 update)

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Re: [Resource] JonnyFive's WeatherFX

Post by ReX »

ReX wrote:The way I'd set up the weather effect ought to have worked fine. The height of the first weather spot = 380; the ceiling height of the sector in which the spot is located = 256 (not quite sure why I did it this way); the ceiling height of the main terrain area = 384; the ceiling height of the cathedral compound = 1024. The height of the weather spot does not seem to truly determine where the snow is spawned, as it spawns in the main terrain, the cathedral compound, and inside the cathedral itself (in sectors covered by 3D roofs).
I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The height of the main terrain areas is 384. The height of the cathedral compound is 1024. However, the height of the control sectors for the cathedral roof is 740. Raising the height of the weather spot in a sector where the ceiling has a lower height essentially invalidates the actual height of the weather spot, and its height defaults to the height of the sector in which it is located. The solution is to put the weather spot in a new sector with a height that is lower than the cathedral roof (control sector) and lower than the surrounding terrain. In my case, the surrounding terrain of 384 would be lower than the spawn height of the snow when considering the cathedral roof height of 740. Therefore, I solved the problem by raising the ceiling height of the surrounding terrain to 768 and giving the weather spot a height of 760.
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Re: [Resource] JonnyFive's WeatherFX (9/17/08 update)

Post by Hidden Hands »

Ok since I couldn't use the other rain option, I'm going to try this one again. But I cannot find any detailed instructions on how to get this to work. Last time I tried this, it did nothing. Please can someone help me.

I need rain to be falling only in outdoor areas without too much lag. My previous way of doing this was placing thousands of rain spawners around and it lagged it to death. Please help, for the love of Doom Guy. I've never had so much hassle as I've had trying to get effective rain effects.

Ok I just tested the maps supplied and the lag is so bad I cannot even move forward. The snow looks lovely but the game is completely unplayable. I'm thinking my computer is simply just not up to the task.

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