Unable to adjust xinput sticks with an alias

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Unable to adjust xinput sticks with an alias

Post by betono »

Just verified this with the current build on drdteam:

I am trying to come up with a good controller configuration for playing Doom while not at a computer and I am not fond of the defaults on any port of Doom. So here's the bottom of the Doom bindings of my ini:
DPadUp=toggle vid_fps
Pad_A=slot 6
Pad_B=slot 4
Pad_X=slot 3
Pad_Y=slot 5

Pad_A=slot 7
Pad_B=slot 2
Pad_Y=slot 1
I can't stand cycling weapons and I hate weapon wheels but it's very easy to turn the 4 face buttons into direct weapon select buttons so that's fine. The plan is to keep the sensitivity on the stick quite high and use an alias to turn LT into a precision toggle, similar in concept to ironsight controls except I have no intention on using zooms. This also covers the functions for Final Doomer +. Here's my aliases:
Command=set Axis2scale 0.75; set Axis3scale 0.75; set autoaim 0
Command=set Axis2scale 1.5; set Axis3scale 0; set autoaim 35; centerview
I use precise crosshair so I don't need to toggle the crosshair with this but someone might want to. The concept is that with a really sensitive stick I can turn very quickly and play like in the old days, with automatic vertical aim. If I'm using Final Doomer + though I would want to disable autoaim and manually tilt Plutonia dude's grenade launcher. I can tell that most of my alias works correctly, by adding then removing crosshair options, additionally while holding LT with this now I can use PageDown to tilt the view and when I release LT it centers.

I can see the analog stick settings inside of the ini, however, I cannot change them like a cvar in the console. Additionally they are not returned when I use cvarlist so these are apparently just settings kept in the ini file.

I managed to find one other instance of this being mentioned on the forum:

Is there a way to manipulate the analog stick settings with an alias?
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Re: Unable to adjust xinput sticks with an alias

Post by mofumofu »

I also fooled around with this a bit and thought that the issue (as I noted on Discord) might be that there is no apparent way to specify which stick you are talking about, but it seems likely that these values are simply not exposed to the console.

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