Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

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Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by TerminusEst13 »


hello thank you for being interested in my oc, she is very strong and prety and could take on dr. sigma xx and hyperbass.exe at the same time.

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vm92o52jz1y3 ... 1.pk3?dl=1 (23.7 mb)
Google: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N00BH2 ... sp=sharing

(What inspired the above, circa 2017. Only works with MegaMan 8-Bit Deathmatch, singleplayer only. Super imbalanced. Don't expect anything in-depth, it's only here for posterity's sake)
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aff3o4z3fe03i ... M.pk3?dl=1
Google: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CnZd7Q ... sp=sharing


Highway Acceleroid Booster is a GZDoom gameplay mod where you play as a robot girl that's part car and part super fighting robot. Armed primarily with mobility, a series of battle chips for extra combat data, and a variety of utensils installed into her gauntlets, she zips from place to place to gather additional combat data. And to help out wherever she's needed, admittedly. Helping feels nice.
Inspired by Mega Man X, gameplay feel is a little bit more cartoony and high-tech than usual, with some pretty outlandish weapons doing some silly functions.. Designed to act as a complement for sci-fi/space-age mapsets, the gameplay mod acts as a direct contrast with High Noon Drifter. Rather than being very simple and low-tech, this mod is a little bit more complicated and hi-tech.
If you've been looking for a mod where you can play as a robot, android, gynoid, or you've been looking for something to compliment Stardate 20X7, this might be up your alley.

Note 1: Keep in mind that because of all the mobility options, it's extremely easy to sequence break even by accident! It's encouraged not to try this mod on a mapset you haven't already played, unless you're brave. If you get stuck, just hit Use Inventory.
Note 2: This mod was designed with GZDoom 3.4.1 in mind. Super-extended resolutions brought about by any further versions are probably going to make things look funny.
Note 3: Make sure your Sprint is bound! Same with Reload and/or Zoom. Grab walls by hitting Use in mid-air.

- All sorts of mobility tricks and abilities I could fit in! Double-jumping, dashing, wall-grabbing, wall-jumping, speed boosting, mantling, rocketjumping, mid-air rocketjumping, and more...
- A crazy amount of work for ensuring compatibility with situations found in Boom/Vanilla and most ZDoom mapsets! Well, ones that don't replace players/weapons, at least.
- Support for both rocketjumping maps with extreme mobility, platforming maps that require precise movement, and normal run-and-gun maps you'd find with normal Doom shenanigans!
- 9 new weapons, each with a separate primary fire and alt-fire each for 18 different attacks! Technically there's a couple more weapons but phhbbttt
- Simple SNES-style aesthetic! Simple particle effects that won't clog your computer! Bit-crushed sounds that emphasize the crunch! 0% adherence to actual SNES authenticity!
- Cvars out the ass! It just wouldn't be a TerminusEst13 mod without a pants-shittingly overwhelming amount of options.
- A whole bunch of new and original graphics!

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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Combine_Kegan »

Nice clutch, getting V1.0 right at the end of the year. Congrats, Term.
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Skelegant »

It's been fun watching this mod develop and I'm so happy for you to have finally finished it! It's like your little reploid baby :D
The amount of polish is astonishing, and the gameplay is very unique, in the same way GMOTA (one of my all time fave mods) brings a new brand of fun to the doom engine. I spent ages while testing just messin with the default blaster/fist and the walljumps :D there's so much to do, and having lots of fun goofy stuff is one of the strong points of well-made character mods, and Booster is absolutely a well-made character mod. Hell, at this point it's practically a new game! :D
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Jarewill »

Ever since I first laid my eyes on some WIP videos of it, I was sold.
Gotta try it out as soon as possible.

Editing this after playing for about 20 minutes: This is amazing!
I love me some damned mobility in doom mods and this, this is more mobility than I could ever dream for!
And the Megaman X aesthetic.... It hits me just right, as this is a series I hold dearly in my heart.
Oh, this is gonna be sooooo fun to play.
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Tartlman »

OH MY GOD, 1.0???


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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Redead-ITA »

Well term you did before the end of the year in italy, looking forward to this, and for the future of your next projects
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by barosans »

this mod is finally out !!!
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Yukiko_Gem »

Congrats on getting this out! You said you wanted to get it out before 2020, and you did!

It's been a long and fun journey following the dev stuff of it, and I'm glad to have been there for the steps of the journey that I've seen.

I look forward to seeing what else you make in the future!
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Sytruan »

FINALLY dude. Congratulations on finishing the mod you've been working on for so long! Not many mods utilize speed or movement and instead focus on the weapons. I think you've created something truly unique here.
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Trusty McLegit »

Oh hell yes! Can't wait to play tonight. For some reason I thought you were making a map pack for this. Any recommended wads?
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by SmashBroPlusB »

I made a forum account just to post here.

Congratulations on the release, dude. I know Booster's been a LONG time coming, you've seriously outdone yourself this time.
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by MrJohnny »

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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by sotenga »

A great gift to cap off a remarkable year in mod history! Waydigo, Term! :D
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by CanisLaticanis »

Been looking forward to this as soon as I saw some of the early videos, and I've been watching it get made on stream... I'm absolutely psyched that this is out!

EDIT: Okay, tooling around, a few feature requests...
  • Possibly make the Fuse Plug gain fire damage after getting the nitrous (berserk pack)? Could be behind a CVar if that's too powerful.
  • Allow switching between Star Shredder and Clutch Buster so you can conserve ammo for the Star Shredder if desired (possibly via reload key).
And an error to report: the 'have weapon on start' settings all use the old in-development names.

EDIT2: Some more suggestions (having tooled around with DRLA Monsters):
  • Give at least one weapon plasma damage, possibly the Crush Piston?
  • There's a conspicuous lack of cryogenic weaponry as well; potentially it could be something you get with the Hyper-Temperature Coolant pickup?
And another bug: occasionally, the disabled body of a robot you get a power core from won't explode.
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Re: Highway Acceleroid Booster v1 - Life in the Fast Lane

Post by Joblez_I »

Incredibly fun! I love the crunchy sound effects and excellently animated weapons! Feels exactly how I'd imagine translating Mega Man X-styled gameplay into Doom would feel. Played through the first few levels of doom 2 with it, the way the weapons flow feels really good, and they're fairly balanced out. Having played around with some of the weapons actually gave me some perspective and has made me think of ways to improve my own mods. Overall, I really enjoyed it!

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