Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

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Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Sumwunn »

I noticed that Oblige will sometimes crash while generating a Megawad with ObAddon (out of memory, around 2 GB for me).
I know you can patch the exe to become large address but IMO that is only a temporary fix as there's still a limit.
So sometime back in March and after much fiddling in Visual Studio 2017 I managed to compile a x64 EXE from Oblige's v7.7.0 source.
Haven't had any issues compiling multiple Megawads with ObAddon since so I've figured it's time to release this.

Out of memory limit, begone!

Copy Oblige64.exe to your Oblige directory.
Run it!

https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/723 ... /detection

http://www.mediafire.com/file/q54t6ogks ... 4.zip/file

Source w/ MSVC project:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ww84wwpqz ... 1.zip/file

EDGE devs for updated GLBSP

Long live Oblige!
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Armaetus »

This is great to hear. This could be great as an essential piece to implement for ObAddon.
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Sumwunn »

Indeed, not much reason to use the 32-bit exe anymore. :D

Did a bit of benchmarking with ObAddon at default settings and length set to One Episode then ran Oblige 3 times for each exe. Results are in seconds.

613, 605, 585

511 500 471

- Oblige will now flash in the taskbar when it has finished

Once I tidy up the VS project file I'll upload it to my GitHub. Only thing the user will have to do is fix include/lib paths and compile fltk & zlib which is easy since they compile out the box.
Project files require Visual Studio 2019 and are setup to produce only a x64 exe.
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Frozsoul »

This is truly excellent, thank you for this Sumwunn! I have now referenced this in the ObAddon readme.
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Kappes Buur
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Kappes Buur »

Just tried it out with ObAddon-2019-03-05.pk3

After building the maps for ca. 30 minutes, Oblige64.exe chokes on the last map


and gives an empty pwad.

Building a single map works.
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Darkcrafter »

Doesn't work for me either, it just hangs down deadly.
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Re: Oblige v7.7.0 win64 executable

Post by Sumwunn »

Hmm, probably a ObAddon issue? I mean it does say script error.
Sometimes the default settings causes script errors to get spewed. I recommend deleting CONFIG.txt from your Oblige folder which will reset ObAddons options. I'd do this with every update just to be safe.

Also, I uploaded a new Oblige64.exe with updated GLBSP & PhysFS for what its worth.

EDIT 7/14/2019:
Another upload.
Taskbar flashing is back, seems it got excluded somehow.
Changes to source code for taskbar flashing and inclusion of ciso646 shouldn't interfere with GCC compiling anymore.

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