dead.air - v2

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Re: dead.air - v2

Post by Turret49 »

Xaser wrote:hope you're having fun with it otherwise!
Oh yeah definitely! It was a lot shorter than I expected with the high monster count. Could probably try going again with a blaster-only run, but not sure about how slow that would make the end boss fight.
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Re: dead.air - v2

Post by SwiftFunk »

Starting on any difficulty causes crash:

Code: Select all

*** Fatal Error ***
Address not mapped to object (signal 11)
Address: (nil)
GZDoom Version: 3.7.1 Stable (Linux .deb 64bit)
Graphics: Intel Integrated
Mod Version: v2
IWAD: doom_complete.pk3 (tried loading Hell On Earth)
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Re: dead.air - v2

Post by Rachael »

All crashes need to be reported here.
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Re: dead.air - v2

Post by Neccronixis »

Have you considered turning this mod into a standalone weapons mod since the guns are so freaking awesome to use?

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