A Last Rites rip, and why nobody has bothered

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A Last Rites rip, and why nobody has bothered

Post by YukiHerz »

Last Rites has an interesting art style, many would like to get ahold of its sprites and textures, only a few have tried and managed to keep their sanity by pulling back.

The game stores copies of each asset for every level it is used in, similarly, the palette has a range of colors that change for every level, I managed to get the image to display correctly in TileMolester, BUT...

I had to painfully recreate the palette in tm because it wasn't importing properly, I probably used the wrong palette due to one color seemingly being out of place in the first few sections, but when the sprites start appearing they were all in their correct colors, again, only the monsters needed for that level were in that level's data, along with the player sprites (which are a mess, it's separated into a single body and several heads used by each character).

The settings for TM were 8-bpp linear 2-dimensional, the files to open are the .lif ones, TM saves its custom-made palettes as hex data on a xml file so that's useless outside of the program itself, there seems to be some colormaps at the start of each file, but I don't know where the palettes would be at.

After all the trouble I went through just for some mere sprites I can see why others also gave up and didn't bother with this game.

The following file contains separated sprites for the hook zombie (not all of them), 2 large png files containing all the tiles themselves, the palette as reconstruced by me via a screenshot of irfanview's palette editor (lrites.pal, palette export in irfanview made a mess) and the palette in png.

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Re: A Last Rites rip, and why nobody has bothered

Post by Yagotzirck »

Some of the .LIF files' details were discussed here, but TL;DR: palettes are located at offset 0x50000 within the .LIF files themselves and they're RGB 6bpp, so they might need some adjustment in case TM doesn't support that format or the sprites/images will appear too dark; here's the palette from MISS01.LIF adjusted to a more standardized 8bpp format just in case.

It's been a while since I last gave it a look, the only thing left was finding where the width+height data for each individual sprite/image was stored in order to be able to extract the individual images properly, and also figuring out the ADPCM scheme used for the speech+music .DSF files... I might return to it someday
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Re: A Last Rites rip, and why nobody has bothered

Post by Nevander »

I would still love to do a TC of Last Rites to GZDoom. If anyone ever starts one up you gotta hit me up. Likewise if I start it up I'd try to get a team together.
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A Last Rites rip, and why nobody has bothered

Post by Anterag »

Hello. Trying to rip Last Rites. This game uses unknown ADPCM codec, close to PSX ADPCM with 0x08 frame size and modified filter/shifts. The data starts at 0x800 with 22050Hz for the sample rate and stereo.


Music pack:
[link removed]

Thanks in advance.

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