Global 4:5 UI Stretch

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Global 4:5 UI Stretch

Postby vapidscum » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:33 am

It's currently only available if you set "Options -> Set Video Mode -> Resolution Scale" to a multiple of 320x200. HUD Preserves Aspect Ratio only does the status bar and full-screen HUD. I would like to have correction at any resolution.

I googled around before typing this and saw how confusing aspect ratio questions/requests can get, so I made some pictures. Hopefully they're more sensible than my mouth-words. You know how sometimes you'll overthink a post and slowly contract many thoughts into a few sentences and they sound kinda goofy? That's what I've done with this.

Oh yeah and it would be nice to be able to choose between nearest and linear scaling, seems like Res Scale is linear.


You can't really tell unless you click on this. Retrospectively it would've helped more to have Target Spy on too.
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