Kate Fox

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Jimmy »

I typed up some words >>> here <<<, but it's still so hard to come to terms with this.

Let me just send some serious and sincere love to everybody she touched. This includes my wonderful companions Xaser, Altazimuth, BouncyTEM, Csonicgo, DavidPH, LadyFuzztail, Kari, Kyle873, Marrub, and pachuriko. Our Discord is simply not the same anymore.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Captain J »

I'm now flowing with sorrow... And happiness thanks to you and the grateful people. Because i can play this mod and pay my deepest respect to our beloved Kate.

Thank you so much, and i'll keep this mod as the last thing she gave us. Thank you!...
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Enjay »

Having been out of the loop for the last few weeks, I'm only picking up on this now.

I'm not sure what to write.

Very, very bad news.



Kate, you'll be sorely missed.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Amuscaria »

This is sad news. :(
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by FireSeraphim »

I wish I had more to say than "she will be missed" and yet I feel as if I lack the words to express my feelings on this tragic turn of events. I have only interacted with her on a very brief basis via the IRC and I could tell from those brief moments that she was a wonderful and irreplaceable woman. My only regret is that I have not spoken with her more. I will miss her.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by YukiHerz »

Pardon my previous post, my internet screwed up and when i came back i thought i was in WIP thread, I was originally gonna give my condolences:

It is sad news, though I never truly interacted with Kate, these posts make me wish I did, a wonderful person that will always be remembered, my condolences to friends and family, may her soul rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Dancso »

Such a tragic loss. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

Rest in peace, Kate.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by leileilol »

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »

Never got to meet her. But i somehow feel empty. All my condolences to her family and her close friends. Rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by scalliano »

Been busy with family stuff and only caught this tonight. Terrible news. My condolences go out to her loved ones.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by StrikerMan780 »

I never even met her, but for some reason, this hurts more than most things in recent memory. It hits so close to home, having lost a close friend in 2011 and am still dealing with the trauma and crippling emotional pain... this has reopened that wound. The nature of how it happened and seeing how it's affecting others only intensifies things. It doesn't seem fair, it doesn't feel like it was supposed to end like that. It fuels the intense anger I have towards the current state of affairs in the world and universe at large. I'm pissed because she didn't deserve to have her life cut short, and because her family and friends didn't deserve the pain and suffering that they are/will endure... I know what it's like, I've seen what it does to families and friend circles first-hand... it makes me want to break down, scream, break things, and collapse on the floor crying, like I have so many times before. I hate how fucked everything is, just doesn't seem right, doesn't make any sense.

Rest in peace Kate, and I hope to goodness Bouncy and Kate's other friends are able to overcome the pain and suffering better than I ever could. My best wishes to them.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by krokots »

I am reading this forum from about 8 years on and off and I've seen many times her involvement in this community. But actually her project Pokemon Doom has inspired heavily my current project Familiar Doom, first time I saw this I was pretty shocked that something like this could be made. Condolences to her family and close ones, and Rest In Peace Kate.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Hexereticdoom »

Ow man, I'm very sorry... I think I haven't met her before in the forum, but the truth is these type of bad news are really painful to read... :sadno:

Please accept my most sincere condolences.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by TheMightyHeracross »

I'm relatively new to this community, and I might not have really known Kate, but this is such painful news to hear anyway. I really don't know what else to say. It's heartbreaking.

Rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by LossForWords »

my condolences to her family and friends across the forum and outside of it.

may she rest in peace.

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