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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Cage »

To tell the truth, unlike many other Doomers, I didn't have much interaction with Kate. However, I know she was someone who pursued fun and original creative endeavors, and helped out a lot of other community members - both with their projects, and on a personal level as a friend - and as such, I couldn't not hold her in high regard and respect.

I expect this is especially difficult to her close friends. Please take care everyone.

To the Faithful Departed.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Ryan Cordell »

God.. dammit.

I always wondered how things were going after she split off from ZDoom. See ya, Kate..
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Beed28 »

I never really knew her or played her mods... but... my gosh.

It's really awful to hear what happened to her and Bouncy. My condolences goes out to her and hope that Bouncy can recover from this.
Ribo Zurai
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Ribo Zurai »

Goddamn, that's awful. My condolences to her family and friends, RIP.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Clownman »

I knew Kate but I never really looked too much into her works aside from KrazyKate... This really was out of the blue to hear and I wish the best of luck to Bouncy... I'm really sorry to hear about this tragic news.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Caligari87 »

I knew her in passing via the ZD-RPG. That's about it so I don't have much in the way of heartfelt words, but it's always horrible when someone in the community passes. Even distant family is still family, y'know? Condolances to Bouncy in particular and anyone else who lost a friend in Kate.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Captain J »

Many thanks to Jimmy, i recently heard this tragic news and i feel absolutely broken. I used to see her works back then, and her works were all promising, interesting and cute even. I wanted to talk to her. But sadly i wasn't brave enough to talk to her and i missed her when she's gone inactive... And then... This happened... Aaaa...

I just can't understand that why the tragedies happens in a row right now. And shamefully i can't help her family economically, since i'm a helpless asian. But i hope, I REALLY HOPE my moral supports are worth to them a lot.

Rest in peace, Katy. You will be missed and it's been great to enjoy your previous works. You've done a great job to us and the Doom Community.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Wiw »

Christ, I'm... I'm devastated... :cry:
Funky Gnoll
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Funky Gnoll »

don't really know what to say

this sucks
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Minigunner »

This news left a hole in my heart like no other. I haven't talked to her in over a year, and while she's slowly drifted from my mind, I still cared for her and wished the best. The fact that she finally got to live with her lifelong friend gave me some hope despite this. BouncyTEM, I cannot do or say anything to alleviate you of the tremendous pain you're feeling, but I'm proud of you and her other friends for helping her get to a better place in life. I'm more than willing to do whatever I can to help you recover.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Siggi »

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by drfrag »

This is terrible news. I'm sorry, my condolences.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by SouthernLion »

I'm extremely sorry to hear this. I am dealing with the horribly violent death of my own wife, and it breaks my heart to hear that anyone else is suffering. I never talked to Kate Fox, but she sounds like a great person. I know words only mean so much at a time like this. Both Kate Fox, BouncyTEM, and all loved ones will be in my prayers. I wish I could lift away your burdens, somehow.

Bouncy, I don't know your specific suffering, we all have our own journey in this world... but I empathize, especially now. If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by QBasicer »

My most sincere and deepest condolences to Bouncy and everyone in the community. While I didn't *personally* know either of them, back when I was more active in the community I knew both of them. If anyone is having a hard time dealing with the news, please reach out to someone for support.

Rest in peace Kate, you will be missed by everyone.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Project Shadowcat »

I shared the news on Twitter to hopefully get more outreach and support. I wish I had more proper words to say besides the salute but I don't. It's soul-crushing.

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