dynamically change i_timescale cvar [Zscript]

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dynamically change i_timescale cvar [Zscript]

Post by GiveOneMoreChance »

Hello, in new gzdoom added i_timescale cvar. I try change this cvar dynamically but cvar always reset to 1.
In player tick
If (CountInv("TestItem")) Cvar.GetCvar("i_timescale").SetFloat(0.5)
else Cvar.GetCvar("i_timescale").SetFloat(1.0)
If change code to
All works fine
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Re: dynamically change i_timescale cvar [Zscript]

Post by Rachael »

No. Changing the time scale is not permitted - it's a debug variable, nothing more. There's a reason why it was not included in the patch notes. (Its existence is not a secret, but I discourage any active documentation of it because it's meant to diagnose issues with things like model rotations and interpolations and such - things only developers right now will find useful)

Many things have to happen before the mod can change the time scale.

Also, only custom defined [wiki]CVARINFO[/wiki] CVars can be changed, not internal ones.

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