Lambda: The OpFor Update - HD Pack

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Lambda: The OpFor Update - HD Pack

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:18 pm


Brief introduction:

Remember that Half-Life mod Mr.Pencil was working a few years ago but unfortunatelly gave up?
Well, today i'm here to announce that i have been working on a new mod from scratch, mainly inspired by Mr.Pencil's work, this time featuring the marvelous power of ZScript... as far as i know
The mod features All of the original game's arsenal and there will be more content within the next releases...


Spoiler: old pics


Older vids: [spoiler]


Changelog: (sep/08/19)

-Made Op4 Powerups optional.

-fixed vm abort when killing certain enemies with explosives, added a null check to the explosion code.

-Forgot to re-add the "Screenblocks must be 12" note in the menu.

-Increased chances for Accelerator rune to spawn.
-Shotgun reload can only be interrupted if you have enough ammo to fire.
-Shotgun pre-reload animation can now be interrupted too.
-Fixed modified WolfesteinSS always appearing even with the custom monsters cvars off.
-Moved Accelerator rune's hitsound code from HLGenericEvent to its powerup class.
-Increased displacer_ball's first impact damage from a random value between 75 and 600 (75*random(1,8)) to just 1000.
-Renamed SS_ScriptedSpawner for compatibility with other mods that also uses it (Important note: this may break old saves)
-Buffed tau cannon again (because why not)
-Fixed tau beams spawning a static glow on non-bleeding actors.
-Fixed satchels disappearing when hitting the sky.
-Forgot to remove Herobrine.

-fixed vm abort caused by hazardous floors and other damages coming from an inexistent source
-fixed some dynamics lights never moving from their spawn points in 32bits versions of gzdoom
-displacer ball now explodes a little faster

-Added Opposing-Force's weapons, this includes the knife, pipe wrench, barnacle, desert eagle, saw m249, m40a1 sniper rifle, displacer cannon, sporelauncher and shockrifle
-Added option to disable op4 weapons (why would you do that?)
-Fixed some damage indicators being triggered when recieving zero damage (mostly happens in co-op)
-Fixed MP5 not responding correctly when tap-firing
-Shotgun can now start reloading a bit earlier after firing
-Greatly buffed 357
-357 now replaces SuperShotgun, shotgun will now be replaced with its hl counterpart
-Doubled frames in Shotgun's altfire (same amout of frames as in original game)
-Added some more frames to glock's select and fire animations
-Now you can cancel a hand grenade by changing to another weapon
-mp5 now gives more ammo: 50
-Buffed a little tau cannon, glock, and mp5
-Greatly buffed gluon gun
-Reduced ammo usage from gluon gun by a few tics
-Crossbow bolts and spores can poison enemies, dealing additional damage (can be disabled)
-Hitscans fired from HL weapons now generates bubbles underwater
-Fixed being able to use the long jump module while dead
-Added cheap imitation of A_Explode that makes actors bleed (may be a little buggy, the explosion is spherical and the vertical thrusting is a bit exagerated)
-Added special mode for gluon gun that didn't make it in the previous version
-Crossbow bolts and gauss beams now spawns a bigger blood spray when hitting a bleeding actor
-Added scripted randomspawners (credits to BlueShadow) (Edit: i know it has been implemented into the main game but i'm too lazy to update it) (Edit2: Updated)
-Fixed silencer silouhette in glock's muzzleflash and realigned some textures
-Updated models so they can use environment maps on specific parts (mostly for gloves, special thanks to Marisa Kirisame)
-Added this message so the changelog looks a little longer
-Night vision googles now makes everything look green (thanks PixelEater!)
-Satchels now deals more damage
-Fixed wrong animation in tau cannon
-Fixed Gluon gun not playing its beam sound when you ran out of ammo and just picked up some ammo
-Added option to disable reloading on all weapons (except rpg), must start a new game
-Added option to prevent the player's velocity to be transferred to throwable objects(grenades, satchels, etc)
-impulse 101 no longer works in multiplayer
-Added weapon selection menu (make sure to configure your keys)
-Greatly reduced chances from special sodas
-Slightly changed some pickup messages
-Some other internal changes, for future plans (edit: now i don't even remember what exactly were those changes)
-Fixed double damage showing an additional message when picked up
-Added Brightmaps
-Shotgun shells' max amounts are now 50 and 125 with backpack
-Now weapons and some ammo pickups are spawned by randomspawners, that means that the amount of ammo given by dropped weapons/ammos will not be halved (also counts as an extra bonus to maintain certain balance)
-Added new teleportfog effect
-Reworked that messy code for the lightning beam effects, now looks less buggy
-Hornetgun's primary fire hornets no longer hurts non-bleeding actors
-Hornets no longer targets non-bleeding actors
-Tweaked explosive barrels and rockets
-Added that sound that plays when you get hit by a bullet
-Revenant projectiles no longer spawns bullet sparks
-Fixed give weapons/idkfa cheats giving doomguy's fists
-Some vanilla monsters have been replaced with slightly modified versions of them
Added Cvar to use the vanilla ones instead
-Added gibs (only players and the modified monsters can spawn them atm)
-Changed Keys' pickup sound
-Added Op4CTF's powerups (as powerup runes, idk how to name then)
-Fixed weapons playing the ammo pickup sound in multiplayer (i guess)
-Blood sprites darkened a bit
-Kinda fixed weapons getting glitched when dropping them near a wall
-Double and Quad damage now does their respective amounts of damage (because i wrote their properties in the wrong way)
-Double and quad damage now lasts for 45 seconds (before it was 30 or 25, idk)
-Kinda fixed hazard suit's weird behavior with its green blend when picking up another one
-Fixed startup fatal error in gzdoom 3.7.0
-Snarks are now harder to dodge
-Finally fixed snark's chances to distract an arch-vile and other actors with the 'QUICKTORETALIATE' flag, chances are based on the actor's painchance
-Crowbar and its variants now performs some additional hit checks if you missed the first one
-Increased chances from backpack to spawn
-Increased hornetgun's recharge rate by 2 tics
-Increased hornet's speed
-Fixed flashlight sound being played even with the 'hl_flashlight' cvar deactivated
-Fixed nightvision overlay not being displayed when screenblocks is not 12 or if the player lacks of the 'item_suit'
-Fixed player's frozen death camera being turned 90º and being able to look at any direction while standing
-Fixed player's frozen death terminating the HUD scripts
-Fixed player standing in its idle pose when dying at the same time it fires a weapon
-Redone weapon's vertical recoil scripts, this means that the player can now fire a weapon and switch to another weapon without it being interrupted
-Fixed zdoom's 'Cross 1' Crosshair always being shown in gzdoom 3.7.0
-Added better support for randomized pitches (check sound options)
-Added cvar to disable the vertical recoil on weapons
-Fixed rpg laser sometimes getting glitched
-Added Cvar to always turn laser sights off when changing to another weapon
-Removed Herobrine
---------------- previous release
-New HUD, including directional damage indicators, recognition of damage types and pickup icons
-Cortana telling you what time is it, or if you are injured
-FlashLight (Dynamic light and spotlight versions)
-Explosions now have dynamic lights
-Increased glock's fast fire rate
-Increased 9mmAR (mp5, smg) fire rate
-Increased RPG Rocket speed + dynamic light
-Gluon spiral now uses a better 3D effect
-Buffed Gluon gun
-Tau cannon beam with new effects, they can also bounce on walls/floors/ceilings
-Tau cannon charge now consumes 20 of ammo instead of 30 + little buff
-New Weapons: Hivehand, Crossbow, Hand grenades, Satchels, Snarks
-Better textured 357, slightly reduced fire rate
-lots of minor changes i don't remember
-Replaced powerups[/spoiler]

Credits so far:
Spoiler: text

TO DO: [spoiler]
-High Definition addon i guess
-??? update
-Monsters... but i think i'm gonna merge this and the ??? update release, idk[/spoiler]

Known Issues:
-May not be properly balanced because of lack of ammo and stuff. if you can make some suggestions i'd considerate the best ones.
-Weapon menu is not finished
-When you run out of ammo, some weapons will spam their click sound while holding both fire and altfire buttons.
-Dropped weapons that touched the ceiling can not be picked up (barely fixed).
-Gluon gun sounds may get a little glitchy when you have 1 of ammo.
-Tripmines are still not working on sloped floors/ceilings.
-Sometimes explosions won't hurt individual actors under certain circumstances. (mostly happens with spore plants)
-When hl_reload is disabled, you can't select the mp5 if you run out of its primary ammo, even if you still have grenades
-Revenant's projectile sometimes spawns its smoke at the coords 0 0 0
i couldn't even got bothered to try fixing them of how lazy i am[/spoiler]

This version is now separated into two files:
Lambda_Code.pk3 (mar/09/2019) you only need to load this, lambda_resources will be loaded automatically

second release (old)
first release (very old)

Lambda_HDGuns.pk3, it's optional and it must be loaded after Lambda_Code
preview: [spoiler]
note: the hornetgun model will become glitchy when becoming transparent

additional notes:
-The files must be loaded in the following order (just in case):
1: Lambda_Resources.pk3
2: Lambda_Code.pk3
-Required GZDoom 3.7.0 or above
-OpenGL is required because of 3D models
Spoiler: Regarding some options not changing in the menu
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby LossForWords » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:11 pm

you should make the shotgun spawn oftenly and the revolver rarely. other than that, good mod. also, are the first person view weapons 3d models or really good rips?
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:30 pm

I know, that's one of the main problems, i didn't want to replace the doom shotgun with its hl equivalent because the hl shotgun is powerful enough (unless i nerf it) to replace the super shotgun so i replaced it with the revolver, consequently, the revolver will appear more frequently than the shotgun because of shotgunguys. And thanks! the first person weapons are 3D models
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby potetobloke » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:50 am

Really good mod so far but I have some random question, will there be additional weapons? (i.e Half Life : Opposing Force weapons)
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:43 am

you said it :p
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby BradmanX » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:12 pm

TheCamaleonMaligno wrote:you said it :p

Awesome :D. How many of Opposing Force's weapons are you planning, is it gonna be all of them, or just the ones that wouldn't be redundant with the HL1 stuff like the Spore Launcher, Displacer, M40a1, and M249?
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:49 pm

All of them i guess, if it doens't get too complicated
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby Matsilagi » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:36 pm

Oh, so you moved from Q2Stuff to that?

Really nice, if you need any resources, i'll be happy to help you.

I actually had the unfinished version here aswell, but this is working nicely.

Ok, after thinking trough it, i think i found a nice order and item replacement ideas:
Chainsaw: Can give either the Wrench, the Barnacle, the HiveHand or the Shockroach.
Pistol: Start with a glock, have alternate Zombieman or have a small chance of Zombiemans dropping the Desert Eagle.
Shotgun: Gives the SPAS or the Desert Eagle, both of those are normal weapons. In DOOM1 based IWADs, it randomizes between the SPAS, the 357 (with a ultra slim chance) and the Desert Eagle
Super Shotgun: Chance of giving a Crossbow or a 357
Chaingun: Gives the MP5 or the M249, Alternate chaingunners or normal ones have a small chance of dropping a M249.
Rocket Launcher: Randomizes between the RPG-7 and the Spore Launcher
PlasmaGun: Randomizes between the Egon and the Tau
BFG9000: Gives the Displacer.

Bullets: Clips (already made)
Shotguns: Can be Shell drops with a VERY small chance of 357 bullets.
Shells: Can either be single shells or 357 bullets (just change the chances, already done)
Shell Boxes: Either Shotgun shell boxes or really rarely 357 ammo boxes
Bullet Boxes: Either M249 Mags or 9MMAR Clips and Grenades
Single Rockets: Grenades, Tripmines or a single rocket.
Rocket box: Normal RPG7 ammos, giving 2 rockets each
Single cell: Normal Cell box
BFG Cell: Y'know that unused orange Cell ammo box? It goes there.

Bandages - I think some version of HL or some mod had some bandage models, i think it was Sven Coop, replaces small health.
Health Vial: Replaces Stimpaks
Medikit: Replaces Medium Medkits
Stack of Medkits: Can be a bandage + 2 stacked medkits, replaces Megasphere

Suit Batteries: Replaces Armor Helmets
HEV Helmet: Just take it from the playermodel, replaces Green Armor
HEV Chestplate: A bit useless without the other parts, but will protect ya. Replaces Blue Armor

Invisibility: Gives you the Long Jump Module, can't get invisible but you can avoid projectiles now!
Backpack: Those ammopacks found in XEN now can be found here.
Megasphere: A piece of XEN crystal, will overload your HEV suit, giving you 250 armor points.
Berserk: Makes you faster and your Crowbar deals more damage. Can be a black medkit, i dunno?
Invulnerability: I have no idea what item could be used to symbolize that, sorry.
Hazmat Suit: The HEV Suit is now active. Now you are resistant to environmental hazards (not a temporary powerup anymore, it reduces toxic and other environmental-releated damage as long as you have battery to spare), it also has the annoying warnings (if possible)


A few decorations could be replaced with XEN stuff, like Spores (so you can use your barnacle to grab onto them), or explosive spores, or other organic weapons (Like Snarks, which i have 0 idea on what to replace)

357 Zoom restored (could be conflicting if the Crossbow already has it)
Crossbow Explosive Bolts (in GMod's Half-Life Renaissance, it was used for unzoomed shots, now for this i have no idea if that could be appliable)
Displacer random teleports: Teleports you to one of the map's secrets (could cause stuck players if doors were required to be unlocked to reach the secret, perhaps it teleporting you to a key or something would be more interesting)
Barnacle Grappling hook: Can be used on meat decorations, like severed Zombieman bodies and whatnot. Would discard using Spores and would make sense lore-wise.
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheNightATK300 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:42 am

I also wonder if you can also include the HD Weapons as well (M9 Barreta and the M4A1)
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby LossForWords » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:20 am

i don't know if it's just me, but the python's underbarrel looks bent to the side and top rail looks bent up in a weird way
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:58 pm

Matsilagi wrote: stuff

Spoiler: long reply

TheNightATK300 wrote:I also wonder if you can also include the HD Weapons as well (M9 Barreta and the M4A1)

Maybe but not for now

LossForWords wrote:i don't know if it's just me, but the python's underbarrel looks bent to the side and top rail looks bent up in a weird way

the model's geometry remains untouched, perhaps it's the chroming effect, because gzdoom doesn't support that effect and it's complicated to replicate on a static texture, specially on this weapon
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby zerthex » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:39 am

Looks cool! But will you add the bad guys into it too? Also i doesn't work with the latest version of gzdoom.
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby TheCamaleonMaligno » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:03 am

thanks, if i manage to organize which enemy will replace each doom monster then yes, but for now i'm focusing on weapons and that stuff first

zerthex wrote:Also i doesn't work with the latest version of gzdoom.

i wrote:-it's recommended to run it on any of the latest dev builds of gzdoom since it does now use latch cvars
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby Captain J » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:03 am

I was sad when Mr.Pencil confirmed to never release the faithful Half-Life weapon mod... Until now! Your work is also faithful with extra effects. Brilliant work on that.
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Re: [WIP] Lambda

Postby Matsilagi » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:43 am

TheCamaleonMaligno wrote:thanks, if i manage to organize which enemy will replace each doom monster then yes, but for now i'm focusing on weapons and that stuff first

Well, i also had plans for that:

Zombieman would be zombies of diverse types (Guards, Scientists and Soldiers) or Headcrabs
Imps could be Gonomes or Bullsquids
Shotgunners could be lesser soldiers (Equipped with Desert Eagles and Pistols)
Chaingunners would be replaced with Human Grunts (With SMGs, SAWs and Shotguns, since they are pretty OP with the shotgun, the shotgunners are on this tier) or Human Assassins
Pinkys could be Houndeyes
Spectres could be Pit Drones (more for the speed than the visibilty)
Cacodemons could be Alien Controllers
Lost Souls could be Stukabats (Animated versions exist on the game's files so, why not?)
Pain Elementals are a confusing case, perhaps bigger Alien Controllers that can spawn smaller ones
Revenants could be Vortigaunts (AKA Alien Slaves)
Hellbruisers could be replaced with Baby Voltigores
Hellknights could be replaced with Baby Gargantuas
Arachnotrons could be either Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts or Shock Troopers
Archvilles could be Tors (from Sven Coop)
Spider Masterminds could be Kingpins, Voltigores or Gonarchs
Cyberdemons can be either Gargantuas or Nihilanths (ofc, a bit nerfed so it isn't troubling if there's more than one)
The Icon of Sin could be the Geneworm, but that would require a new map so, better not.

Decorations (especially hell ones) could be replaced by underwater Hairs, Plantlights, Tentacle Trees and Spores, while some of them are passive, others attack you, and would be a cool addition.
UAC decorations could be replaced by Turrets and whatnot


I don't think i missed any monsters, but if i did, lemme know, i will try and find a slot for them, its really hard to balance because the monsters number from HL diverges A LOT from DOOM in quantity.
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