[WIP] Forever Yours

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[WIP] Forever Yours

Post by Bubuche »

Hello everybody

This is my first wad and my first map (besides the "two room, one door" map I guess everybody did)
I don't have internet at home, only during the evening and, for this reason, I won't be able to modify or read this thread until tomorrow night.

This wad contains a single map. It's designed to work with the IWAD FreeDoom.
WARNING : this wad DOES contains nudity. It does not, however, contains sexual explicit content.
It is designed to work without mods. And here is the reason : there is no monsters, no weapons, no bonuses and there is a custom hud.
There is about two month of work on this wad (not in full time).

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7AN7 ... UJ5SW1OT3M
(about 4 Mb)

There is a "credits" lump in the wad. You can read it with slade3. I'll post it here if you want. The "main" credit is the Atari ST game "B.S.S. Jane Seymour" also known as "Spacewrecked: 14 Billion Light Years From Earth"

I don't have doom on this computer, so you'll have to wait tomorrow for screenshots.
This wad is not finished, though, and I can't do what remains. I made a list and forget it at home *sigh*
Basically, I need help for:
- the skybox. I use a gl skybox, so there is little to no limitation on it. However, the image for a skybox need to be "baked" with the correct aspect ratio, which isn't the case here. I am looking for a starfield (without nebula, planet, galaxy... just like the one in the game) with a correct aspect ratio or a (free) tool to create one.
- the cryotube model. The pose is actually a "sit on the ground" with a "eyes closed" expression. I didn't made the pose (you can find it on makehuman website). I need a modified version of it, more a "foetal pose" with crossed legs, so I can hide genitalia (which aren't there anyway ...) and remove this "contains nudity" flag.
- translations. English is not my mother tongue. I can speak english for technical things but when it comes to poetry or text which suppose more ... "richness" ? I just can't do it. The letter (in the book) need translation.
- ending. This is big part. Right now, the good ending is "fade to white" and the bad ending is "fade to black". It's obviously just a placeholder. I can't use BBCode for a reason I don't know, so we'll talk about it later. Basically, I'll need pose (again) to make a background for the ending text.

(it's late already ...)
You can have the good ending (fade to white) if you:
- place the cell (you'll find it behind the small ship)
- restart system
- turn offline all systems except "core" "cryogenics" and "communications"

If you only place the cell, you'll get bad ending.

You get the ending when you activate a clean tube.
More explanations & screenshots tomorrow (if someone want to take and post screens, you are welcome).


here are some screenshot.
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Re: [WIP] Forever Yours

Post by grouchbag »

Screenies look very nice! :)
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Re: [WIP] Forever Yours

Post by Bubuche »

You have more than screens, I gave the link to download the wad. And it's playable (with gzdoom 2.2 and gzdoom 3.1 and likely intermediate versions).
I will change some things, but still you have this.

I still don't have BBCode, so ...
(everything in this spoiler was written days ago)
Of course, if you find a bug, please tell me.
There is also ONE closed door (you can't open it, there is nothing behind it) in the level. I know what i'll do with it, but it won't be a room. I'll likely reproduce the "bug" you have in bss jane seymour (the black room bug). Or maybe I'll do a room.
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Re: [WIP] Forever Yours

Post by wildweasel »

You were stuck in the Idlers permission group still; sorry about that. I've removed the bb code block from your account now.
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Re: [WIP] Forever Yours

Post by Bubuche »

Ok, here are more screenshots. Actually, it's pretty much the whole wad (I maybe forgot one or two place, however).

Originally I was a "one shot". However, I decided to make an other "episode". This one is only in it's very early stage (I roughly know what will happen in it, I made some place). Here are two screenshot. What they show is absolutly not finished, of course.
It will take place in the same universe, but it will be on a planet.
And for what I asked in the first post : I still ask for help on these points.

You can see this message as an "up", but i tried to make this "up" as pleasant as possible.

EDIT: the character you play in the wad i posted is named "Linlin". It's a nickname. There is another character mentioned in several places, Evelynn.
Both these character was designed previously for a game I wasn't able to make.
Here is Linlin
And Evelynn
And if you want to know a bit about the background story

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