The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 13 11/14/2021 Options

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The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 13 11/14/2021 Options

Post by Brohnesorge »

He's missing. He went into that Phobos station and never came back. The brass has decided to get off their asses and send someone in. You. And this time, you're going in prepared. Armed with a SMG and sidearm of your choice, armored up and ready to go, you must go in, neutralize any threats, and find him.

Download unstable WIP version Download at your own risk!
GitLab repo
Discord Server for my mods


Code: Select all

-Starting weapons now have different equipment loadouts
-Sidearms are now selected in the options menu before a game!
-P90 class added!
-Shell types added!
-Altfire on most weapons is now ADS
-Alternate weapon options added! 
-Tactical Gear added!
-Can quick throw stun grenades by holding the grenade button!
-New HUD!
-Blue armor DR incresased slightly
-Bullet damage reworked to follow some actual maths
-Grenade throwing is now slightly faster
-Dodge roll changed to a dash
-Shell boxes now spawn with loose rounds
-Shell boxes can now be for any shell type
-Backpacks no longer have a chance to be upgrades 
-Weapon drops have a very small chance to spawn upgrades
-Increased jump height 
-Armor bonues now have the same DR as green armor 
-Weapon drops no longer give ammo. Instead spawn ammo nearby. Exception is the Sorcerer
-Recoil values all altered 

Jericho 941
-Replaces M9A1

-Ammo changed to .45 Super
-Rate of Fire increased slightly

-Recoil greatly reduced

-All upgrades effectiveness improved
-Now supressed

-Upgrades changed to affect grenades instead
-Power upgrade now improves grenade explosion 
-Speed upgrade now speeds up grenade throwing
-Utility upgrade now increases grenade capacity
-Significantly increased reload speed 
-Shotgun power flechettes now poison enemies and force pain

M870 MCS
-Replaces the shotgun
-Can now be pumped while empty
-Reload speed slightly increased
-Speed upgrade now improves pump speed
-User 2 now switches ammo type

-Added as an alternate option to the M870 MCS 

-Alt fire switches ammo type while in Semi Auto mode 
-User 2 switches fire mode
-Spawn no longer gives ammo; loose ammo spawns instead
-Can now be unjmammed with Reload 
-Fixed bug where pump mode would have less recoil than intended

-Now has an underbarrel M203
-AUG drops now spawn mags and have a chance to drop 40mm grenades
-Power upgrade added: Mk318 rounds
-Utility upgrade changed to PIKE grenades
-Can now fire the GL while scoped

-Added as an alternate option to the AUG A3

-Replaced the HK23

-Added as an alternate option to the Maximi 

-Fixed bug preventing you from drawing your pistol
-Handling speed increased
-Removed from rocket launcher spawns
-Now more consistantly deal explosve damage

-Added to the game. Spawns on rocket launchers

-Increased Cell limit to 3/6
-Direct hit damage increased 
-Explosive damage reduced
-Charge shot damage increased
-Charge shot explosive damage increased 
-No longer pushes enemies
-Damage types added

-Increased Cell limit to 2/4
-Damage increased 
-Explosive damage increased 
-VFX altered
-Select and deselect speed increased 
-Alt Fire damage increased 
-Tracer explosion damage increased 
-Main Explosion no longer harms you
-Reload speed increased 
-Now fails to fire if you don't have enough charge
-Now takes all charge and generates all heat at once
-Alt Fire rate of fire increased 
-Alt fire is now a projectile
-Charge consumption reduced

-Can now pull the bolt while empty 
-Bolt pull speed increased

-Increased Medikit limit to 4
-Increased Quad Damage limit to 2
-Increased Ninja Sphere limit to 3
-Increased Hazmat limit to 3
-Various pickup sounds added
-Megasphere is now a use item you can carry
-Can now properly carry items between levels

-Fixed players starting with vanilla armor

-Brightmaps added to Sorcerer
-Brightmaps added to The Eye
-Rubble physics altered
-New sprites and animations for most weapons!
-Hands removed from most weapons
-Added options for aimpoint colors
Soldier Z is a small little mod. Its one man's (me) attempt to learn and use ZScript to make something a little fun but nothing fancy, to kinda show you don't need to have grandiose ideas to make use of the super useful tool. While having zero coding knowledge and barely knowing how to use Decorate. Features some REALISM*.

*Kinda. Sorta. Really mild.

The REALISM level is what I would call softcore. Guns are real guns, with me attempting to accurately make the guns with a lot of help from several other people while still being very video gamey in other elements. See credits. Anyway, there is a rough formula to it.
Spoiler: This gets a little long winded so I'll spoiler it

So what's it do?

Before anything, you will need the Altfire, Reload, Zoom, Weapon State 1 and Weapon State 2 keys all mapped.


Gameplay Changes
  • Move slightly faster then Doomguy.
  • Armor protects you less.
  • Start with green armor. Because you know you're already in the deep shit.
  • Sprinting is faster forward back, but strafe slower. Have you ever tried to run sideways? It doesn't work.
  • ClipMAGAZINE based reloads. Because REALISM.
  • Switching speed and reloading speeds somewhat based on what it might take a normal human to reload and switch the weapons.
  • Weapon State 1 throws grenades.
  • Zoom quick draws your sidearm, causing you to drop your current weapon. Except the SMG. You can't drop that. It also quick switches you to melee from the pistol.
  • Lose the ability to run below 20 HP.
  • Dodge Roll by double tapping Sprint!
  • No auto reloads. Also because REALISMSMSMSMSM
  • Multiple Firemodes on various weapons. Use Weapon State 2 to change fire mode.
Spoiler: Weapons
Chainsaw has no replacement, but instead spawns upgrades for the other guns, sans the Pistol, Auto-shotgun and BFG. These upgrades fit into 1 of 3 categories and are (somewhat) based on actual real things that can be done to the gun:
Power (Red) - Raises the killing power or usefulness of the weapon.
Speed (Green) - Makes the weapon faster to use. Usually means faster reloads.
Utility (Blue) - Makes the weapon more convenient to use.

Most items you can now carry with you and use when you want. No realism here; video game logic prevails here.

Medkit - Max 2. Heals you by at least 25 over a period of time. The lower your health, the greater and slower the heal.
Ninja Sphere - Max 2. Increases speed, firing speed and makes you transparent. Doesn't work with everything. Replaces Blursphere.
Quad Damage - Max 1. Heals you by 100 instantly and QUAD DAMAGE. Replaces Berserk.
Night Vision Goggles - Max 1. Toggle night vision. Unlimited, but its obnoxiously green.
Hazmat Suit - Max 2. Its the same as the Radsuit, but you choose when to use it.
MegaSphere - Max 1. Heals you by 100, also auto activates when you drop below 50 HP.
Auspex - Its the map. More features coming soon.

Spoiler: FAQ
Still incomplete, but more then enough here to actually play. Here's some of the coming features.
-Add anti-materiel rifle.
-More Melee stuff.
-Fluffier OP.
-Tweaks. Lots of them.
-Expand the AUSPEX.

...except two things. Contains unused code by Mikk~ and Matt.

Recommended Mods
Some mods to help boost the Soldier Z experience.

Leaning - From Josh, the mind behind Droplets and Dark Doom, this small mod/code resource allows you to lean around corners.

Droplets - The blood mod to end all blood mods. And it recently came back to life, too.

Dark Doom Z - Caligari's continuation of Dark Doom, features tons of customization options AND a bitchin' flashlight.

SpriteShadow - The excellent mini mod from Nash gives all monsters shadows.

Tilt++ - Adds a highly customizable Quake style tilt to strafing and moving.

Immerse - An all in one package of Tilt++, Footsteps and weapon sway by Josh. Lots of options for customization.

Please, let me know what you think, any suggestions and criticisms, anything!
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Gideon020 »

Another one from the creator of everyone's favourite Baron Of Hell Simulator. Looking forward to seeing future improvements, like maybe some exclusive enemies? If you could get in contact with them, some of the monsters from the Project MSX Extra Badass Monster Pack would be perfect in my opinion.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Brohnesorge »

Funny you say that, I was actually thinking about making a Soldier Z monster pack! It would replace Zombiemen with SMG and Pistol troopers, Shotgun guys would use the Baikal MP-133 and rarely the SPAS-12, and Commandos would use the M249. All would also have a chance to throw grenades. They would drop ammo for their guns, and have a low chance to drop grenades, and a even lower chance to drop an upgrade for the weapon they wield. Non-human monsters would have extra versions that would spawn, on top the normal versions.

But that would be further down the line. I'd want to get dodge rolling in first, for sure. And figure out monsters.

Still, glad to hear you are looking to the mod's updates!
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Gideon020 »

Gameplay basically has this 'Hideous Destructor-lite' feel to it. It's tactical, but you aren't juggling five different buttons in order to use a gun that has eight different firemodes while wondering if that nukage barrel is going to suddenly lob a baron ball at you.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Samarai1000 »

I love this mod! Most, if not all of the weapons are punchy and satisfying, the animations are pretty decent, and the weapon upgrade system is very cool. My only complaints have to do with some weapons needing a bit more feedback. (only one I can think of being the pistol lacking recoil, right now) The normal shotgun pump animation also looks a little strange. Either way, everything else still feels great. I love how the M249 feels, and seeing a SPAS-12 in a game that *actually* shows off its semi-auto capabilities is just amazing. I'm very excited for the additions listed in the todo list and will be watching this mod's page for a while.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by badcaradvice »

Not sure if it's intentional, but I noticed you can reload most of the magazine-based weapons (with the exception of the pistol) while they're full. This will use up a magazine each time you reload, until you are out of magazines.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by kadu522 »

I don't think the mag loading when full is intentional. it way need a check for that.

Also i feel that the reload time for the guns (EXCEPT the pistol,SMG and HMG) are painfully slow at start. expecialy the shotgun. the rocket luncher and BFG are slower too but more understandable.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Accensus »

That's the realism. It's intentional. It's how guns actually work.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by -Ghost- »

Pretty cool mod, the guns do feel good. I think the weapon switch and reload times need to be sped up a bit though, maybe 30-50%. I get that they need to be slower to be more realistic, but it ends up looking too slow for some, like he's just casually taking his time. I remember there were some LMGs in the later Call of Duty games that had that problem, where the reload looked weirdly slow and unhurried, even if it was just for gameplay balance.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Brohnesorge »

Yeah the slow switching is kinda a compromise for having no animations. It represents un-holstering the weapon, switching the safety off, pulling any bolts or whatever while holstering the old weapon, switching its safety on, etc. I'll tweak the speed around a bit see if I can find a nice balance, because it's a little too slow for my tastes and seems a little unrealistically slow for the NLAW and M249. With the M249's reload it's the lack of (good) animation that makes it seem 2x as long as it is. I'll mess around with it, too.

But yeah, to confirm, Lud is 100% correct, the reloading on full is intentional. Try to be more mindful of your ammo. The only reason you can't on the pistol is because it's no harm no foul to reload on full, so I just removed it.

Speaking of the pistol, its getting a nerf. It has laser-focus-pin-point accuracy, which is utter bullshit. Even asked a buddy of mine whose a Marine who has experience with shooting one. His exact words were "The M9 is garbage". He was a little passionate about it, so I'll take his word with a grain of salt. Still, it's WAY too accurate.

Expect an update sometime this weekend.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by skyrish10 »

Brohnesorge wrote:
That was the longest weapon name ever i seen
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »

Just gave a little ride on this. It's... it's beautiful! Weapons, although slow on pickup, feel incredibly smooth on reload and shooting frames. Don't change that shotgun reloading ticks. It's actually the first time i saw somebody doing it RIGHT. Also, i am glad you used my Radsuit sprite from the "DIY" section. Thanks.

Very nice job over here. But here's my other side of the coin:

- low the ADS idle frame for the shotgun a bit. It has a visible gap when there are no status bars.
- In the same topic, the hand that raises the grenade also suffers the same issues on larger resolutions.
- Fists alert monsters when punching the air. Some gloved fists here would also solve the difference between sprites too.
- pumping the shotty when zoomed should be slightly faster to synchronize with the sound.

Other than that, i am really satisfied myself. :)
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP

Post by Brohnesorge »

Don't worry I don't plan on changing the shotgun reload at all. I'm very happy with where it's at.
Also, about the don't start with them, and you can only get them through cheating. I have plans for it, but for now, just ignore the fist behind the curtain.

As for the other stuff, I've attempted to address them in this update.

Code: Select all

--Tightened spread of Shotgun Utility Upgrade
--Fixed Brace sprite being too high.
--Tweaked animations

-Auto Shotgun
--Tightened spread

--Added urgency to M249's reload. Is a bit faster now.

--Significantly lowered the Plasma Utility Upgrade's cooldown speed.
--Added Plasma Speed Upgrade! Faster cooldown!

--Significantly reduced accuracy.
--Added minor visual recoil.

--Fixed gaps on high resolutions

--Updated pickup message and screen color for Invulnerablity.
--Added 2x firing speed to Ninja Sphere

--Updated puff code. No longer give deprication warning and tweaked the VFX of it..
--Fixed various typoes.
--Dryfire mechanics added. MORE REALISM, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Dryfire currently doesn't effect the Sorcerer or Archmage. Because reasons.

ALSO I FORGOT TO MENTION A MECHANIC: Limping. It's been there the whole time I just forgot to mention it.

When you drop to 20 HP or lower, you can no longer run, on account of your grave wounds. Hide and heal, or pray to whatever flying spaghetti monster you want to that you can find a stimpack or something before pinkies eat you.

Also the MBT LAW has a scope on it's altfire. I forgot to write that down. I R GUD MOD CURATOR
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 1 26/8/2017

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »

Also, something i needed to say. Final Fantasy Tactics as the secret sound. HOW COULD I EVER FORGET. Really good choice.
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Re: The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 2 4/9/2017

Post by Brohnesorge »

Heh, glad somebody recognized that. FFT is my favorite game of all time and I wanted to have some kind of reference to it.

Anyway, back on track, got a pretty big new Update


Code: Select all

--Melee added! It's still pretty early, but here it is.

--Added a new starting weapon: FX-05 Xiuhcoatl Carbine! It's its own class, so you can't have both.
--Shares clips with the MP7 for convience sake. I know its not realistic but deal with it.
--Main fire inaccurate hip fire full auto!
--Alt fire ADS!
--In ADS, tap fire to Single Shot, hold it to 3-round burst!
--Shares upgrades with the MP7.

--SMG Extended Mag raised to 45
--Updated visual recoil effects. Recoil unchanged.

-MP7 & FX-05
--Lowered max amount of mags to 4/8

--Jamming mechanics added! Low chance to jam, hit Reload to clear jams.

--Fixed scope alerting enemies

--Main fire explosion(s) now does FORCERADIUSDAMGAGE. Go nuts.
--Alt-fire direct hit damage a factor of 10.

--Tripled duration of Hazmat Suit
--Tweaked movement speeds
--Removed auto aim on most weapons.
--Changed terminology to Spare Mag.
--SMG Upgrade messages to Starting Weapon Upgrade, to reflect the Carbine being an alternative.
I will explain the melee mechanics. Basically, when you mainfire punch, it gives you ComboCounters. You then use Alt-fire to do combo finishers! Right now there are only 2:
Less then 3 Counters: Kick. It's just a kick.
3-10 counters : Punch flurry. Inspired by the rapid torso punching thing you see in kung fu movies, you rapidly punch for a duration and finish it with a kick. The more counters you have, the longer the punch flurry.
There is currently no visible counter for the Combo Counters, and if you kick with 2 or less, it resets to 0. The melee is a early, kinda proof of concept type deal; over time more finishers will be added and it will become more advanced.
You also can draw the pistol and throw grenades faster when you are meleeing.

Now I will explain the Carbine. First you will notice it is an alternative to starting with the SMG. It's more accurate and powerful then the SMG, but it has less ammo when extended AND is less accurate in hip fire. Alt-fire aims down sights, and while aiming down sights, you can tap fire to single shot, and hold it down to 3 round burst. Firing without ADS is automatic fire, but you are firing from the hip and gripping the gun loosely, causing it to jitter around and the accuracy to be crap. Good for short range surprises. Shares upgrades with the SMG. I will update the upgrade sprites soon to reflect that they are for both weapons.

Keep me posted on thoughts, ideas and feedback! Especially for melee and the carbine; Carbine has been tested pretty extensively over the week but I probably missed something and the melee is hot out of the in I finished it 15 minutes ago.

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