[Not a bug] [2.8pre-1926-gc88ed42] IWAD doesn't load GAMEINFO "load"s

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[2.8pre-1926-gc88ed42] IWAD doesn't load GAMEINFO "load"s

Postby Xane123 » Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:39 am

Due to the limited space for the title, it's weird how I wrote it there.

Basically, I modified IWADINFO in zdoom.pk3 to recognize my "IWAD" TC I'm making; ZDoom shows it in its list at startup if it finds it in a folder but when I start it, it doesn't load the levels or graphics, which are in separate PK3/WAD's from the normal PK3. The PK3 has GAMEINFO that tells it to load the other two files; This seems to be ignored when loading it as an IWAD, since when I load the PK3 as a PWAD (-file), it loads the other files listed in GAMEINFO.

:arrow: I know it's a big download (~130MB) but try downloading my mod, along with the modified zdoom.pk3; Put the files in the same folder as ZDoom and run ZDoom and World of Kirbycraft will appear in the list; Launch that and try starting a game; It will say "MAP1" doesn't exist.

After this, try launching ZDoom with World of Kirbycraft as a PWAD and it will load the other two files, even if you only drag "wok_x.pk3", the main file, onto ZDoom.
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Re: [2.8pre-1926-gc88ed42] IWAD doesn't load GAMEINFO "load"

Postby _mental_ » Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:18 am

The GAMEINFO lumps are loaded from PWADs only but not from the IWAD. By looking into the code I must say that this was done intentionally.
You need to move the given load statement into your IWAD's section of IWADINFO lump.
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Re: [2.8pre-1926-gc88ed42] IWAD doesn't load GAMEINFO "load"

Postby edward850 » Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:35 am

That's actually what IWADINFO is for with IWADs. GAMEINFO is thus indeed only for PWADs.
You're also not supposed to be modifying zdoom.pk3 as any changes to that will be destroyed on updates, and it's a very bad idea to be handing it off to anybody else as it usually contains version critical differences. The proper way to make IWADs is to actually make them as self sustaining PWADs first, then if ZDoom has any reason to make it an IWAD, that's only a 5 minute job (if that). Results in vastly less conflicts, maddening resource requirements and general feature confusion like this very thread.
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Re: [2.8pre-1926-gc88ed42] IWAD doesn't load GAMEINFO "load"

Postby Gez » Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:33 am

It's not so much that it's done intentionally, it's mostly that GAMEINFO parsing is a special case feature which is done before actually loading game data.
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