0000291: Add Supersampling Support

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0000291: Add Supersampling Support

Postby Blox » Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:10 pm

We have multisampling and even a post-AA shader, yet we still don't have the most important member of the AA family!

Its main use lies in getting away with no texture filtering to get that "super sharp" look everyone seems to hate losing thanks to texture filtering, but without the sea of swimming pixels having no antialiasing nor texture filtering introduces.

No AA or texture filtering
Same, but with 2x2 supersampling

I'm sure some degenerates would find use for this funny niche.

Plain pixel mixing and integer factors (1x2, 3x2, whatever) of the original resolution would most likely do the trick, but in the off case that someone feels particularly fancy they could implement fancy downsizing kernels and have non-integer downscaling factors too.

Would be great to have this natively supported rather than having to resort to nvidia inspector for getting it with nvidia cards and specific settings for AMD cards.

Additional Information
"Supersampling" is what we call "render everything at X times horizontal resolution and Y times vertical resolution and then scale the resulting image down to our original resolution", for those who are curious.
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Re: 0000291: Add Supersampling Support

Postby fr1dd » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:51 am

I agree. I have always used Radeon control panel to override MSAA with supersampling in GZDoom to get rid of visible ''moving lines'' in textures, along fences, in trees and so on where FXAA is not even close.
But now with the new Vulkan support (which i'm very excited about as Radeon user) the supersampling override doesnt' work anymore.
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