Doom 2 Extras Wolfenstein & Grosse

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Doom 2 Extras Wolfenstein & Grosse

Post by armymen12002003 »

Did this in like 2012 and posted it on youtube figured might as well post it here.
Works in Zandronum, GZDoom and ZDoom.

What's Included?
1.Randomized spawner of the Wolfenstein S.S. with The Nazi guards, officers & of course the S.S.
2.German Shepherds replace the Pinky's in map 31.
3.Hans Grosse makes his appearance in map 32, and drops dual chainguns when killed.
4.Midi's from Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 & E1M9.
5.The Wolfenstein S.S. Are extremely accurate will be able to cut you down in seconds.
6.Officer's are quick on their feet. but are lousy shots.
7.The S.S. drop a machine gun when killed.

captain toenail for the machine gun. Over at the realm667 site.
I.D. Software for the sounds & sprites.
Magic Wizard for the wolfenstein 3d objects. Over at the realm667 site.
lucario for the skeleton. Over at the realm667 site.
clonehunter for the wolfenstein gore. Over at the realm667 site.
its nature to die for the Hans Grosse sprites.

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