[Blade of Agony] Personal Addon

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[Blade of Agony] Personal Addon

Postby ZikShadow » Sat May 05, 2018 5:18 pm




These set of addons replaces either the music tracks and/or weapon/item sprites of the WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony mod.

Sprites are replaced mostly because of either preference or to see if it's possible (model rips tend to look slightly dodgy here and there), some graphical stuff are also changed like the closed up ZF41 scope for the Kar98k. Some weapon actors are modified to add some extra frames to the reloading or to change their sounds, though some weapon sprites aren't really that modified aside from adding a render light to its front to simulate muzzleflash light. A couple of brightmaps are changed, one for testing and the other two for nitpicking (the Shocker's original fingerless glove sprites are slightly overlaid on top of the Doomguy one when using it in the darkness, bothered me quite a bit).

A number of music tracks are replaced due to triggering YT's auto-claim thingy during my playthrough (not going to be useful for non-video-makers, but could be helpful for others). Also replaced Marlene's singing for MoH"s music. Though, knowing the wonky automatic system (RTCW's theme and the Nazi anthem of all things got claimed, for instance, and not from their original owners too), it's probably going to be nothing more than a bandage for a large wound (plus, I dunno how it'll work with Twitch, I recalled Icarus's Operation: Paris playthrough getting silenced for its music track, but currently couldn't find replacements for that particular level's track).

I was going to upload the HQ custom sound effects too, but either couldn't find the credits for some of them or forgot. Not to mention that in order to create some of the wavs, I'd combined multiple sounds from multiple authors, so for now I chose not to upload them. I did however decided to redo the Astrostein reloads to fit the unmodified mod using sounds from a pretty old HL1 mod, so atleast you won't have to listen to that generic MP40 reload sound.



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