Environment-dependent weapon sounds + dynamic reverb

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Environment-dependent weapon sounds + dynamic reverb

Postby revo794 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:38 am

Recently I've been digging into ways to create an environment-dependent sounding for weapons which would emit a different effect for each environment, same way it's done for Battlefield series. Unlike EAX reverb presets that can be applied to sectors, what I was going for is actually seperate sounds, because EAX is not always fit for higher-quality sounding.
The showcase wad is constructed as a simple map with three rooms: small indoor, large indoor, open ground. The environmental sound is only complete for shotgun in this example, and you will hear the difference depending on your location of shooting.

Another aspect is distant-dependent sounding, which ZDoom, like a lot of game engines, does not have. The showcase map has a speaker (it looks like a huge bonus bottle, but I'm a terrible artist and it's better off that me actually drawing a speaker) which alters its sounding upon changing distance to it.

The result I have is this. Launch it with Doom 2 on MAP01.
NOTE: While I can't figure out the reason, GZDoom and Zandronum handle the speaker behavior as intended, while ZDoom kicks it into an uneven loop, so if possible, don't use it for testing. Weapon sounds do work in all three.

The methods used are very straightforward and you can mostly figure them out by just examining the structure of the wad, but I can still do some explaining in case that is required. If this sound work is appreciated, I'll try to expand the system and make a template for all weapons with alternate distances.
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Re: Environment-dependent weapon sounds + dynamic reverb

Postby Nash » Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:54 pm

Amazing. So much immersion is achieved when sound "physics" like this is done. I've been fascinated with this stuff ever since Duke Nukem 3D's explosion sound behavior.
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