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MIDI soundfont menu mod

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:52 pm
by Gez
As you should know, ZDoom has a bunch of lovely software synthesizers at our disposal, and most of them use soundfonts. You can change what they use, but it's a bit of a bother since you have to mess with environment variables, which is rather annoying when you have installed your soundfonts in "C:\Users\The Great Magoo\Games and stuff...\Doom\Music thingies\soundfonts\sf2\" and you have to type that path every time. Plus the soundfonts themselves have names like "Chromozium A320+b GM rev_c-2.01.sf2" and it might be hard to remember them precisely. I know that feeling.

The idea then is to make some console command aliases to reset them. KEYCONF is there just for that. And you know what? A bunch of console commands is great and all, but how about making something better, like putting them in a menu? MENUDEF is there just for that.

So what is this mod? It's just that. A wad file with a KEYCONF and a MENUDEFS lumps.

It is not plug-and-play.

You will have to open it in your editor of choice and change the console commands accordingly to how things are set up on your PC, add or remove them as needed, and then reflect these additions and removal in the menu definition. But once you've done that, you can add it to your autoload section and from now on enjoy a simple and fast way to switch between sound fonts from the sound options menu.

Re: MIDI soundfont menu mod

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:31 pm
by Alexandra
Thanks for this. Very handy.

Usage note: I noticed that it couldn't tolerate spaces in soundfont filenames. After renaming all soundfonts such that spaces became underscores it worked as expected.

Re: MIDI soundfont menu mod

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:22 am
by Gez
You probably need to surround file paths with spaces in them with escaped quotation marks (\").

For example, I think this would work:
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alias Fluid_SpaceFont "fluid_patchset \"D:\Soundfonts\this soundfont has spaces in its name.sf2\""

Re: MIDI soundfont menu mod

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:11 pm
by Gez
Updated with new fancy features:
1. Now use the new textfield MENUDEF feature to tell you which config you're using currently!
2. Added some entries for WildMIDI.

Re: MIDI soundfont menu mod

PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:49 pm
by Alexandra
Thanks for the update!

However, did you remove the menu that lets you pick a soundfont? Can't find that functionality anymore. The only place to pick a soundfont appears to be a text-entry field:


Maybe I'm missing something? (Yep, I edited the proper SF2 paths for my system into the WAD.)

User error. My old menu was .pk3, this was .wad. Had to update the gzdoom.cfg for it to load properly, of course.