3D model importer / modeldef generator

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3D model importer / modeldef generator

Postby GelleSzebasztian » Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:37 am

A simple way to add 3d models to your project

adding models with the tool


Adding PBR materials with the tool:

Sometimes you just want to do something simple, like adding static models fast, just to see how they look like.
But if you want to add a 3d model, you also have to add a decorate/zscript file and a modeldef. Life is not easy.

This tool generates zscript and modeldef for you

It is not super complicated of course, but when adding many many models, it gets boring to always keep doing this, and because I played many hours with Factorio, I know that automating stuff is great, so I created this little tool that helps you import models in less than a minute.

I created this with windows forms, c#, in visual studio.
I plan extending this to a zscript generator too. I decided to make this for myself, to make my workflow easier, but then why not share with others, maybe you'll also like it.

This tool is very simple, don't expect a lot

For now it only works with static models, you cannot do animations - despite it is there - for now, but I will update it as soon as I can. See the video about how to use it. It will be cooler really, just let me update it.

Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WCIvY ... Ap7_CuJ52W
Windows 64 bit I guess.

EDIT: Now it is useful for importing PBR materials too.

Oops, I should've posted this in editing, right?
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Re: 3D model importer / modeldef generator

Postby Tezz » Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:57 pm

Thats fantastic, thank you for your efforts good sir.
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Re: 3D model importer / modeldef generator

Postby CBM » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:52 am

I really like it, it is alot like my MD2ModelDef project (generates GZDoom data files for MD2 files, including animations)

If you can use any code from my project then feel free to do so
(you will need to load MD2 and MD3 models in to memory to read additional info like skin names etc..
MD2 contains names for each animation so no cfg file is needed for MD2 files)

btw. for MD3 files, some of them have an animation.cfg file that contains information on all animations (if it is a quake 3 player model)

and remember all animations, idle and pain are as important as walk, attack and death

xdeath (extreme death, usually used for when a monster is crushed or blown to pieces by a very powerfull weapon) would also be nice

link to my MD2ModelDef project:

another cool addition would be if a monster could be made from a template, like..


that would require syncronization between the decorate file that would be not much more than something like : Actor AMonster : DoomImp {}
and the modeldef file

all decorate definitions for skulltag, doom, heretic, strife, hexen, doom 2 and more... are on the zdoom wiki



I have actually been thinking about making a MD3ModelDef tool using this library

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