[Reelism 2] Beed's additions (Magnetism, Korax)

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[Reelism 2] Beed's additions (Magnetism, Korax)

Post by Beed28 »

So basically this'll be my own thread for my stuff that I make for Reelism 2, such as new reels, bosses, potential maps, etc. Each reel/boss is a separate .pk3 file, so feel free to add or exclude the ones you want/don't want in the load order; just be sure to place Reelism 2 itself first.

Currently included:
[spoiler]Magnetism (Slot 1): The inverse to Gun Runner; nearby items will be pulled towards you.
Korax (Boss): Adds Korax as a boss. Similar to his Reelism 1 form, but now with a new floor spike attack.[/spoiler]


Known Issues:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0ktorj70ohpl ... 0.zip?dl=1
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Re: [Reelism 2] Beed's additions (Magnetism, Korax)

Post by undeadmonk354 »

It's been a while since I fought Korax in the original Reelism 1, but now he's back in Reelism 2!
But the question is, when will Beed28 make maps in Reelism 2 since Deadly Simple of Reelism 1? We'll find out soon enough.

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