Doom Girls Frontline Companions

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Doom Girls Frontline Companions

Postby Leoyagami96 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 4:43 pm

so i been working on this

this mod is a companion mod using the mobile game Girls Frontline characters

it is just a simple companion however i'm working on an update with NeenerWiener comapion code

there is not much to say the actual version is compatible with Zandronum GZDoom and LZDoom but unfortunately the new version will be compatible only with newer versions of GZDoom and LZDoom
due to the use of Zscript

on the current version the player gets 16 inventory item each one with the Doll icon select one and hit the use item key and you will summon the respective doll
all dolls are included on one single PK3

new version the Doll will spawn with the player on the start of each map and all dolls have individual PK3 (so they don't spawn at the same time)
this version also include the 16 original dolls from the old version and add 4 more



some videos of the new version
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