Merciless Extermination (Fun Zone style gameplay) [v0.22]

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Merciless Extermination (Fun Zone style gameplay) [v0.22]

Postby EmeraldCoasttt » Mon Nov 01, 2021 6:17 pm

Merciless Extermination (or just Merciless) is a work in progress mod that brings the fast paced, high skill gameplay loop of DOOM Eternal into classic doom's lense

Very little is final, and help is needed! Please contact me on Twitter if you can help with weapon sprites or zscript

Get it here!

Features include, but are not limited to:

-New monster behaviour and attacks
-Glory kills!
-Doom Eternal style chainsaw
-Two mods for every main weapon (WIP!!!)
-Flame Belch
-Shoulder mounted grenade launcher
-DOOM 64 Support
-Some new enemy varieties
-One liner system!
-Meathook! Meathook!!!
-Did we mention the meathook yet?



Main credits: (detailed list is included in the pk3, please let me know if you're missing from that or want to be credited here!)

-EmeraldCoasttt: Main developer, cute octopus girl

-LandyRS: Doomguy and former humans' voice actor, motivating me to get into doom modding in the first place

-Sergeant_Mark_IV: Brutal Doom base, some help with assets

-Dox778: Assets from Brutal Doom Platinum (I work on that! Check it out too!)

-Warry/ Warrior Bug: Many glory kill animations

-Nash Muhandes: Tilt++, NashGore, PDA Starter kit

-Agent_Ash: A ton of coding help

-DrPyspy: PyWeaponWheel

-Ivory Duke: ZMovement

-Nevander: DOOM 64 Retribution

-Kinsie: Consolation Prize (Doom 64)

-Perfect System DX: Wife
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Re: Merciless Extermination (Fun Zone style gameplay) [v0.22

Postby FalcN » Wed Nov 24, 2021 12:09 pm

Oh hey, I made the logo for this!
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