Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

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Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby dastrukar » Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:01 am


Hideous Helmet is an addon for Hideous Destructor (Forum link).

It adds a helmet (HUD Helmet) that will unhide/show all of the HUD.
Some of the HUD is hidden without the helmet.
Note: You may toggle which part of the HUD gets hidden when not wearing the helmet.

Things about the helmet:
  • Shows all of the HUD when worn.
  • Can be worn without removing armour.
  • Can be removed with `hh_strip`.
  • Doesn't provide defense. Provides a bit of defense, mostly for the head.
  • Spawns at any armour and marine corpse. (hopefully)
  • Will take damage and break like any armour.
  • Should be noted that you can use medikit with the helmet on.

Download from here
and hope that it doesn't break, because i don't know how to make addons for hdest well
Spoiler: Loadout codes
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby ABalen » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:35 am

Any mod that brings immersion to the game I download right away! And this is one of them, the lack of a helmet has always bothered me! If you plan to improve the mod with any option to show a helmet hud it would be great, I already made a sprite if you want to use it! Another thing, can you make that when you use the medkit you didnt strip the helmet? I think it would be more convenient, and even more so if you plan to give some armor in the future! Great addon!
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby KynikossDragonn » Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:39 am

I think it'd be a tad nice if it had headshot defence, but doing so would cause the HUD to malfunction or otherwise result in the helmet getting instantly destroyed.

Making a item necessary to provide the HUD is a pretty immersive idea nonetheless.

... Is it possible to make a headshot preventative item in HDest without re-writing a ton of HDest code?
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby Caligari87 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:57 pm

HD already has headshot protection; standard armors may look like vests but they include (lighter) leg armor and a helmet.

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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby dastrukar » Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:15 pm

Update (10/04/2021):
"Hopefully this fixes most of the major problems"
  • Fixed HUD not being hidden when using the automap.
  • Helmet can only be stripped through `hh_strip`, or by attempting to equip another helmet while wearing one.
  • You can now customize what gets hidden when the helmet isn't equipped. (By default, only the player status is hidden.)
  • Removed whitelist overwriting from the options menu.
  • Helmet now has a bit of defense. Only applies to certain damage types.
  • Helmet will now only lose durability to certain types of damage. (might need some tweaking)
  • Should spawn a bit more frequently now.
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby dastrukar » Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:47 pm

...and it appears there's some debug text showing up... Should be fixed now.
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby dastrukar » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:59 am

"TIL that bullets calculate damage on their own"
  • Hopefully fixed helmet spawning with 144 durability.
  • Reworked helmet defense, now provides more defense to a headshot than a body/leg shot. (might need some more work)
  • Helmet is now more durable due to the new defense rework...
  • ...which also fixed helmet getting more durable depending on what armour type you were wearing.
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Re: Hideous Helmet (HDest addon)

Postby dastrukar » Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:12 am

  • Added a "bleed indicator", with a "wound counter". (both are toggleable)
  • Tweaked defense a bit.
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