VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED July 25

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VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED July 25

Post by Plynthus »

Vanilla Doom Plus -monster randomizer

Download here:

[spoiler]July 25th:
-Renamed couple sprites to make this compatible with Highway Acceleroid Booster mod.

Thanks to Rodrigo Ferreira for pointing out this issue to me on Youtube.

-Changed "REPLACER SETTINGS" option menu name to "VDP SETTINGS".
to make it even more clear if you're using multiple mods at the same time.

No update was necessary for:

July 20th:
-Improved compatibility with more advanced map formats.

For example all Map Specials now work correctly using WadSmoosh.
Map specials are now checked from MAPINFO(huge thanks to Blue Shadow and Player701 for all the answers I needed in ZDoom forum / Scripting.), as well as which special action is used. Instead of only checking cluster and map number(which worked perfect on official games and vanilla maps).
Also I used to give TIDs(thing ID/Tag) to Baron, Cyberdemon, Mastermind, Mancubus and Arachnotron replacers to get the map specials to work. Those aren't needed anymore, which also should improve compatibility in more advanced map formats.
Also removed A_BOSSDEATH from every monster that had it. So no accidental triggering of Map Specials should happen anymore.

-Fixed "Reset to defaults" possibly causing problems with other mods settings.
With Custom Doom all settings got messed up when I used VDP's reset to defaults.
That was a recent mistake and is now fixed.

-Removed "LookAllAround" flag from BruiserDemon.
As a strong Cyberdemon replacer it could cause very unfair situations depending on map.

-Added the latest monsters to CCARDS.txt lump(Corruption Cards mod compatibility by Someone64.)

VDP-NeutralMonsters was also updated.

July 17th:
-Fixed Map Specials not triggering correctly(on GZDOOM 4.7.0 or newer).

July 16th:

-added new monster replacers for:

Lost Soul:
ImpBat, GiantBat and Harpy

(ImpBat and GiantBat have "sleeping" variants in the code. I tried adding them as decoration object replacers. But they would always spawn on the floor instead of ceiling like Hangman. Couldn't get them to work right. So for now they're disabled.)



-updated these monsters(with the actual updates from Realm667):


(visuals, sounds and behaviour. this one I added as a variant for the older version. but I updated the sounds of the older version as well. because the new ones are much better in my opinion.)

(visuals, sounds and behaviour. plus added RotWraithBuried variant as a decoration object replacer for "BigTree")

(visuals and behaviour.)

-added an option to disable arch-vile replacers being able to resurrect dead monsters.
(only few of them can do that anyway. but because there are so many different monsters it's hard to keep track which ones can do stuff like resurrect others.)

-added some missing monsters when using the "monster mixer" settings.

-updated a decoration replacer "swarm(swarm of flies that burst out of a dead body)" to always replace the dead monsters with correct dead body.
(it used to replace dead player, dead demon, dead imp, dead zombie man and dead shotgunguy all with a random dead body.)

-Cleaned up a lot of the code in Miscellaneous.txt and Menus.txt.
(won't effect gameplay at all. but it's easier to understand if you want to edit the mod)

-made zscript actors their own .txt lumps instead of having them all in one.
(also doesn't affect gameplay)

VDP-NeutralMonsters.pk3 was also updated for these changes.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]UPDATE INFO MARCH 2022:
[spoiler]-Added compatibility with "Corruption Cards" mod thanks to a CCARDS.txt lump written by Someone64.
-Creatures spawned by "ShadowBeast" don't count as monsters anymore.
This is how it would happen before:
As you can see in the upper right corner. Total number of monsters goes up by 5, but their deaths never counted.

No update for "VDP-NeutralMonsters"[/spoiler]
[spoiler]May 29th:
Added 2 new monsters:
"SuperDevil" for Imp
"Loper" for Demon

-Ammo is no longer replaced by anything, so it shouldn't cause ammo related conflicts with weapon mods anymore.
-Now each monster that drop ammo has a small chance to drop an extra clip or shell. And a very small chance to drop one of those ammo kits as a bonus.
-Zombie replacers that used to drop cells on death(plasma zombies etc.) now only have a 25% chance to do so.
-Nerfed the damage output of Uberchain and UnmakerGuy. And made them little bit more rare.

May 30th:
-More balancing for ammo drops.

May 31st
-Even more balancing for ammo drops.
-Nerfed an attack by LesserMutant.

June 5th
-Added an option for non-zombie monsters to also drop ammo.
Options are: OFF, 25% chance, 50% chance, 75% chance, Always, Always + equal chance for every ammo type.
It's OFF by default. It's mainly there as a backup. For example if you're playing something that doesn't have many zombie enemies, you're also not going to get any extra ammo.
Normally ammo drops from monsters will only give you half the value, but these will give full. I'd recommend starting from "25% chance" if you feel like you need it.
Quick example how it works:

-Added a healing limit for Roach(that green imp replacer that has a lot of health), and gave it an additional alternate attack.
It used to be able to heal itself forever.
If you hurt it enough it will trigger a state where it runs away from you until it's healed enough.
Now when that happens, if it manages to heal itself as high as it can. After that it won't be able to heal at all anymore. And will shoot slightly more powerful red versions of its normal shots.
-Doubled the mass of "HereticDarkImp" and "PlaugeImp".
Originally I scaled them to make them bigger to fit better to replace Cacodemon. But I never changed the mass. Now they're still light and will fly further away than Cacodemon when shot, but less than before.
-Moved a replacer: "Lord Of Heresy" from "Baron of Hell replacers" to "Hell Knight replacers" with reduced health.
VDP-NeutralMonsters was also updated for this change.
+some small changes here and there which I didn't write down.

June 8th
-Tornado Demon is no longer invulnerable during it's tornado spin attack. And can be interrupted if your attack triggers its pain state.
(this was supposed to be in previous update, but somehow I had missed it)
-Fixed BlindPinky dropping too much ammo when the new "Non-zombie monsters also drop ammo" option was on.
No update for "VDP-NeutralMonsters"

June 27th
-Added a new monster for Spectre:
VDP-NeutralMonsters was also updated for this.[/spoiler]


16+ Added monsters(total is about 260 now)
The new ones are shown in the video update.

A lot of changes have been made for most of these.
Also there might be couple very rare less serious surprises added.

Little bit of fixing/balancing here and there
For example monsters that replace decoration objects don't count towards kill count anymore.
Because they can often be in places that are out of reach. Making 100% kills impossible.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler]Works on GZDoom 4.7.0 and newer.

-If you're using an older version of GZDoom you can load this with the main mod file:


-If you are using another mod that replaces power-ups you might need to load this file:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/xicn2fvb ... s.pk3/file

The in-game setting to disable power-ups, found in the extra options menu won't fix it.
It will only disable the added power-ups from spawning, but still replaces the original power-ups with their copies.

-If you're playing maps or using another gameplay mod that replace decoration objects.
And you are only seeing normal ones. You can try loading this file with it:

https://www.mediafire.com/file/ozyrol67 ... s.pk3/file

Same problem with the in-game setting to disable these as it is with power-up replacers.
Works great when only using VDP, but might cause compatibility issues with other mods.

For all these compatibility files load order is.
1. VDP-MonsterRandomizer.pk3
2. any of these compatibility files
(more than one can be loaded if necessary)[/spoiler]

VDP "Neutral" Monsters(version):
Updated July 20th 2022 (this is only updated with the main randomizer when necessary)
Using this will disable the most obviously "out of theme" monsters.
You need to load this on top of the main VDP_MonsterRandomizer.pk3 file.

Thanks to Turin Turambar for requesting this.[/spoiler]

This monster randomizer currently has over 260 added monsters.

Every monster has a specific set of monsters that can replace them.
And monsters that belong to same group mostly shouldn't infight each other. Unless the original monster already does that, like Lost Souls and Zombies for example.
By default settings this is still a very "subtle" randomizer.
The original monsters appear more often. To keep better balance. And also to keep surprising players with custom monsters they haven't seen yet, even after days of playing.
But there is "Replacer Settings" menu where you can customize the spawn chances to your liking. How often each original monster is replaced by custom one etc.

Some decoration objects also will rarely be replaced by stationary monsters and mimics.
And some Power-Ups will rarely be replaced by custom ones.
These can be turned off in the "Replacer Settings" menu.

The goal of this mod was to make a monster randomizer that only adds monsters(I did later add the few optional custom power ups). The kind of randomizer I would like to play.
The "Vanilla Doom Plus" was supposed to be a temporary name. As it can be a little misleading.
I wanted more monsters + vanilla gameplay. That's why I called it that. But it's not like other people need to play that way. You can play any way you like.
However I've tried to balance everything to vanilla gameplay(by default settings).
Now I mainly call this VDP-MonsterRandomizer. Which also might change at some point.

Originally I had no plans to make a mod myself. I was just trying to look for a mod like this, and I couldn't find one.
So I started editing "DoomKrakken's Monster Randomizer". And I really liked what it started to shape into.
Then I decided to start from scratch. So that I can also share this with everyone, in case anyone else was interested in this kind of randomizer.

A lot of changes have been made to most of the custom monsters to make them fit better.
I want monsters to be about as dangerous as the original monster they're replacing. Some deal more damage, but have less health etc.
Some noticeably stronger/weaker ones are usually more rare.

If you're playing Doom 1 and want even more monster variety. There's a menu called "Monster Mixer" in the "Replacer Settings" menu.
You can mix some Doom II monster replacers with slight alterations into Doom 1 for specific monsters. It will make things harder as well.

This mod works on GZDOOM:
And should at least work with any mod that only adds maps.

VIDEOS(monstly using much earlier versions of this mod):

[spoiler]John Romero's 2022 Doom II map "One Humanity" UV-MAX

UPDATE January 20th 2020: 25 added monsters + new features

UPDATE June 25th 2019: 40 added monsters

Full Doom II Playthrough on Ultra Violence I think maps 08, 09, 10, 16, 17, 18 and 27 are the best for showcasing the monster variety with the mod.
Includes "No Rest For The Living" Episode!

Full Ultimate Doom Playthrough on Ultra-Violence (SIGIL included.) I did use a Super Shotgun(using another mod) simply to make it more fun. There's a lot of monsters you won't see in Ultimate Doom, because all the added monsters will replace a specific monster. So no Doom II monsters means a lot less new monsters... Nevertheless, I enjoyed doing this one a lot!
And I also updated this mod between each episode.

Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment MAP29 Odyssey of Noises

Doom II: MAP10 Refueling Base Different playthrough from the full Doom II videos. A lot of different monsters appeared.

(there's been multiple updates since I recorded these videos)[/spoiler]


I've had a lot of fun making this.
Thanks to every cool monster made by various different people!
I hope you'll also have fun playing with this!

-ID Software
-Raven Software
-Everyone who have worked on any of these monsters(monster info and credits are in the .pk3 file itself)
-DoomKrakken and DoomKrakken's Monster Randomizer(I used it a lot to see how these things are done in the beginning)
-And huge thanks to Doomworld users: Tango, Bryan T and whatup876(who also made this compatible with Corruption Cards mod)! For helping me to fix couple issues with the mod. And great suggestions.
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Re: Vanilla Doom Plus(monster randomizer)

Post by Spaceman333 »

A new 180+ Monster Randomizer? YES PLEASE!

*furiously downloads the super chaos version*

Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate monster randomizer mods that can be used with any weapon / item / player mods alongside it. 8-)
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Re: Vanilla Doom Plus(monster randomizer)

Post by Plynthus »

Thank you Spaceman333!

I haven't tested any weapon / item / player mods myself. So I can't promise they work 100% with this.
Somebody told me that berserk appeared as normal berserk, even though it was supposed to be something different in the mod he was using this with.

The main version is the only one I've done a lot of balancing for. But for some the custom monsters might not appear often enough. So that's why I made those.
In future I hope to have menu options for that stuff. So everything will be in a single mod.
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Re: Vanilla Doom Plus(monster randomizer)

Post by Someone64 »

Wow, this is actually really well done! I'm really into the "subtle" aspect of spawning the special monsters less, too. I feel like constantly spawning all the crazy monster randomizer not only fucks with the balance too much but also makes you get tired of the special monsters faster. Sprinkling the special ones among mostly vanilla spawns keeps them fresher, longer.
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Re: Vanilla Doom Plus(monster randomizer)

Post by Plynthus »


Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish with this mod. Some of the more rare monsters do have little bit higher chance to be replaced by custom monsters. For example Pain Elemental has 50/50 chance.
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Re: Vanilla Doom Plus(monster randomizer) - UPDATED JULY 5TH

Post by Plynthus »

REPLACER SETTINGS now has A LOT of different spawn chance options!

A missing options is included as an extra .pk3 file. This one comes with a problem:
Turin Turambar
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Re: VPD-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 5TH(spawn options add

Post by Turin Turambar »

Great job, I'm also interested in monster randomizers and this one seems to cover both customization and good monster variety.
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 5TH(spawn options add

Post by TimeGearCD »

This is a very good monster randomizer.
Had a lot of fun with this one.
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Plynthus »

Thank you Turin Turambar, I hope you'll enjoy this!
And thank you TimeGearCD, I am very glad you had fun! I've had a lot of fun making this so far.

Also another update! JULY 7TH!
-Basically the same things, but done better. And I added an option to turn ON/OFF Demon/Spectre/Lost Soul replacers with long range attacks.
(check the original post)
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by eharper256 »

Unfortunately, I simply can't get this to work at all. It shows 'Unknown' in all of the replacers when you look at its options menu, and nothing gets replaced in game.

I was using the MissingOptions version, as neither the purely Doom 1 or Doom 2 wad seemed really ideal for me (I use a WadSmoosh including them Ultimate + 2 + Final + Sigil + Masterlevels etc.) along with my usual autoload.

I don't have any problems with other monster replacers (Shades of Doom, Colourful Hell etc.)
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Rowsol »

https://www.mediafire.com/file/khkaptqr ... P.pk3/file
Here's the last version before the config menu was added. As I don't wish to customize the spawns I've stuck with this version. Try this and see if it works for ya, it works fine for me.
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Plynthus »


When you load any of these three pk3 files: Doom1, Doom2 or MissinOptions.
They should autoload VDP-Stuff.pk3, if the files are all in the same location.

I think in your case it's not doing that for some reason.
If you also load VDP-Stuff.pk3 manually, I believe it should work.

Sorry for this.
Having all these separate files is hopefully only a temporary solution.
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Yebudoom »

Plynthus wrote:If you also load VDP-Stuff.pk3 manually, I believe it should work.

Actually, when I load VDP-Stuff manually along the main file, I get an error telling me that something is doubled (can't remember the details right now) and refusing to load the game. So I have to load only one of the main files, and the rest is loaded from VDP-Stuff.pk3 as it should. I'm mentioning this in hope it could somehow be helpful in your future works.

Thanks for the mod btw, very good stuff!
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Plynthus »

Thank you Yebudoom!

Very glad to hear you like the mod.

You're loading it correctly by only loading Doom1, Doom2 or MissingOptions.
But I think in eharper256's case the VDP-Stuff.pk3 isn't loading at all for some reason.
So I thought I'd suggest to try that.

But yeah, loading any of these files: Doom1, Doom2 or MissingOptions, should autoload VDP-Stuff.pk3

Also Rowsol:
Default settings are basically how it was before I added the settings menu.
I haven't added anything bigger since. But I will be adding more monsters soon.
I would recommend later versions, because I also fix things occasionally.

Maybe the version I posted below would be good option for you:
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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED JULY 7TH(spawn options add

Post by Plynthus »

(not revelant anymore.)
[spoiler]I guess I could put this version up here:

It's a single file. And has all the settings for all monsters.

The official games should work correctly.
I used ACS scripting to work around the problems with the map specials not triggering in levels like E1M8, E2M8 etc.
And just in case there's a backup options menu called "Map Specials":

The reason I haven't updated the main download yet is that I believe this can cause problems to wads that include scripting.
Very situational problems, but still... I just don't think this is THE solution yet.
But I think it's the best one by far.

I did also test with WadSmoosh.
And E1M8, E2M8 and E3M8 map specials didn't trigger(the "map specials" menu triggers will work though), everything else worked.
They work as they should with regular DOOM.WAD, haven't failed once so far.

So as long as you're not playing something that includes much scripting. This version is easily the best to use.
And if I don't find a better solution soon. The next main download will probably have it like this. Along with some more added monsters.[/spoiler]
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