Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

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Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by APsychicMonkey »


GAMEPLAY and REVIEW by the Incomparable Mr. Icarus!

Hi, this is my first mod (that I've published)!
Stylish Hell is a Monster Randomizer that replaces every demon in Doom 2 with cute demon girls in adorable outfits.
Outfits give them different attributes like health, speed, and attacks.
This mod is designed to make Doom a bit harder, but the mod works very well with weapon mods such as La Tailor Girl, Combined Arms, High Noon Drifter, TYPHON, or Cola 3.
It works great with vanilla Doom levels, slaughtermaps, and everything in between.
This mod gets rid of a lot of gore and has NO actual 'H' content.
This mod is also compatible with Heretic and Chex Quest, and has unique enemies in each! Hexen compatibility is coming soon!
In Options, under Stylish Settings, you can set whether enemies teleport away on defeat. (more options are coming soon)

[spoiler]- Demons are born from massive pits of superheated mud, infused with hell's energy and given form. They come in many shapes and sizes, and grow larger and stronger as they fight and subjugate mortals. Eventually, they develop personalities and wear outfits that reflect their new powers. This is also thought to be part of hell's plan to infiltrate human society, although it seems to have had little success.
- Humans: Humans are little more than fuel or cannon fodder for hell's conquest. Their powerful emotions feed hell's energies, and they are captured and drained of energy by demons. Some are ensorcelled and forced to fight their fellow humans, their eyes clouded by illusions that make demons look like friends, and humans look demonic. Others are seduced or willingly surrender, forming cults in the hopes of gaining favor and supernatural power.
- Flying Imps: The smallest, weakest, and cutest of all demons, these little tricksters act as messengers or servants to powerful lords. They rely on numbers and their small sizes when attacking a target. They often steal shiny treasure or tasty treats and offer it to their lord.
- Imps: Imps are the backbone of any invasion force. These innumerable foot soldiers are known for their ferocity and great variety in appearance and powers. They rarely gain any real status, and are easily cowed by bigger demons. Their loyalty to their own kind is stronger than any other kind of demon.
- Pinkies: Musclebound meatheads, these goatlike demons are always looking for a fight. They focus all their energy on training and getting stronger and faster. Pinkies love sparring and challenge everyone to fights constantly.
- Stalkers: Spindly, pointy and incredibly swift, stalkers lurk in dark, cramped areas to ambush trespassers. They are highly embarrassed by their odd appearances, and so are very shy.
- Enforcers: These mid ranking demons wield powerful guns and keep human or imp minions in line with fear. They lay down suppressive fire from afar and can rapidly grow into huge monsters.
- Ophidian: Hell's finest guardians, these serpentine demons are known for their discipline and fighting prowess. They wield magical spears that fire energy blasts, and can crush a human with their iron coils.
- Void Imp: These large, purple imps are infused with the unholy energies of the void at creation, causing them to grow larger than normal and develop sinister powers. Despite their powers, they prefer to seduce humans, build power quietly and manipulate events from afar.
- Mechs: Using the same cybernetic technology used to enhance demon lords, these mobile armor units use human firepower to lay down a devastating fusillade of missiles. They are piloted by brainwashed and utterly loyal humans.
- Lightbringers: Powerful cult leaders, they are command hordes of loyal human and demon followers, and can shoot an incredibly powerful beam of light.
- Baronesses: Towering over most other demons, these massive demons have unparalleled might and rule small sections of hell through force. They command the legions of hell during invasions, and some even become demon lords. Some develop a taste for forbidden knowledge, and seek out rare texts or artifacts to give themselves even greater strength.
- Demon Lords: The greatest of demons, these gigantic monstrosities can destroy a whole army singlehandedly, and wield incredible power. They rule the realms of hell by being unapproachable, and are known to form shaky alliances with other lords during conquest of new planets.
- Titania: Legends speak of a colossal demon that could destroy whole planets with ease. As tall as a mountain and wielding the power of a small sun, it could obliterate a city with a wave of its hand.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Q: What? A zip file?! How do I run this thing?!
A: DON'T open the zip file!
Stylish Hell is now a pk3! Run it like you normally would! Put it in your directory with your other doom wads, then use the "browse" button on GZDoom to add the "" under "Additional Parameters." If you put it last in the order, the Stylish Hell monsters will replace all other monsters in the wad.
Q: Is there a credits page? Can I use your sprites for my own project?
A: Yes, if you open the zip file there is a TXT file called "credits.txt". I give credit to all the games, mods and users that helped inspire me to create this mod. You can also easily open up the "sprites" folder to get access to my sprites, which you can use however you want (if you plan to publish something with them, I'd ask you please give me credit somewhere).
Q: Should I play this with a mouse and mouselook?
A: YES. The numerous flying enemies in this mod all but demand you play with mouselook. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it is how the mod is meant to be played.
Q: How do I play this with a weapon or map mod that also replaces monsters?
A: As seen above, load Stylish Hell after the weapon mod, and you can play against the demons with whatever set you please! This works surprisingly well with dukenukem3d.wad or Netronian Chaos.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Fixed sprite name conflicts with La Tailor Girl and Combined Arms
Buffed hidden (barrel) imps with more speed, much more explosion damage, and unique projectile attacks
Changed Cowgirl Imp's railgun to a projectile, making her more of a threat.
Added new Archvile sounds
Added new Armored Snakegirl variant
Changed Boxer Pinkie and Stalker's attacks to make them much, much more dangerous.

Added QuadShotgunner (drops Supershotgun)
Changed Sniper's railgun to a projectile
Added Cacogirl (unpleasant miniboss)
Tweaked Doomguy Imp's BFG for smaller radius, more damage
Made Active Sounds quieter, added more lines for most common monsters

Added Uniform Snakegirl (fires a series of homing missiles)
Added Armored Flying Imp (Lost Soul+Melee Attacks)
Added "Plasma" and "Fire" elemental deaths (works especially well with La Tailor Girl)

Added Heretic Compatibility
Added four new monsters: Dullahan Knight, Wizardgirl, Cockatrice and Minotaurgirl
Added new Map 30 featuring a custom gigantic final boss.
Patched various visual bugs with Plasma Pain/Death animations

Added Chex Quest Compatibility
Added four sizes of Slimes and the rapid firing Armored Slime
Added 3 new variants: Ifrit, Uniform Flying Imp and Virgin Killer Void Imp
Nerfed Mech damage by 2 points
Added species damage to Quad Shotgunners
Added colored burst for missiles
replaced the Morph Ovum with projectiles that summon friendly cockatrices
Added friendly Cyclops Snipers, tied up and awaiting freedom
Fixed a lot of minor bugs with plasma and fire pain and death states

Added cast rollcall/MAP30 exit message
Added Stylish Settings: Cleanup (teleports enemies home on defeat)
Fixed a few visual bugs with Plasma Pain states
File is now a .PK3

Nerfed Cacogirl's OP AOE attack radius and damage
Added Hexen Compatibility with 8 (9) new monster types!
Bugbear, Afrit (dark flaming flying imp), Centaurian, Serpent Girl, Dark Priestess, Mini Reaper, Green and Brown Chaos Beasts, and the formidable Lady Heresiarch (now with much less invulnerability time!)
PorkFX transorms players into Cockatrice players, which can shoot ice
Dark Servant item now summons a powerful friendly Minotaur Girl

Added Skelly and Riflegirl
Added Cockatrice noises
Changed Pinkie animations slightly to look better
Added imp and flying imp name calling for La Tailor Girl's Sewie[/spoiler]

In Development:



You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by Uber Tiga »

This is nice, I love the animation, effects and the new enemy behaviour. :D
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by Hege Cactus »

So I gave this bit more of a playthrough around now that I had a good chance to and as my initial thoughts are;
Hella cute! You've done good work with this
I really love how there's variance with the behaviors and firing patterns with their outfits, like the ninja imps being more dodgier

I am enjoying this a lot

Tho, somethings that I want to give feedback on;

While the sprite style is very cute and has personality, I noticed that lot of animations are rather stiff, mostly on the land creatures. I noticed that the flying enemies have much more braver movement for the animations than many of the walking ones, tho I know from experience that walking animations can be annoying to make. Still I feel you should try experiment around to get more out of the frames like with some of the demon throwing animations; you could have them get bit more prepared looking and bit more archier swing going when they throw their projectiles, it would give them bit more flavour. Subtle small animations do work for gun enemies since you want to keep a steady gun, but when enemy does magic or something, some more swoosh never hurts.

There's also some oddity with the sounds and how they mix, specially with the active sounds, it's really hard to put my finger on it to properly explain it tho.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by fakemai »

Funny, I was actually after a more projectile-heavy monster mod, and this works especially well given I also like La Tailor Girl. Haven't tried with that but I did swap out DRLM for this to use with DRLA and LDL. Comment-wise, the take on the Mancubus and Arachnotron is great, and I like the many varieties of the basic monsters, and how things like the halos fall off separately, it's cute. Doomguy Imp gives a nice scare the first time you see her. I have to agree about the animation being lacking though. Typically, parts of a frame should not be static, especially not large parts or if it remains static through the entire loop, the Pinkie replaements have that issue pretty glaringly. Bug-wise, barrel Imps don't have their melee obituary string set, that probably applies to other monsters too. The cowgirl Imp shot seems to do no damage and barrel Imp's damage seems pretty pathetic given how often she attacks.

Ultimately this will make a nice alternative since there aren't many monster mods and the ones that exist I've gotten a bit tired of.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by APsychicMonkey »

Okay, I've updated the Mediafire file, let me know if it's working.
Fix List:
The Bikini Imp's fireball sprite name should not conflict anymore.
The (Hidden) Barrel Imp is now faster, deals way more explosion damage and has a unique fireball.
The Cowgirl Imp now shoots projectiles instead of railguns that deal far more damage.

Archvile voice lines added.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by TXTX »

Was pleasantly surprised. Really like the soldier type enemies.

Like the hdoom aesthetic without the h.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by Gideon020 »

Your mod is brutal when playing with La Tailor Girl.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by Killo Zapit »

I was on discord when you showed this off before! I really liked it then and playing through it more has just made me like it more! I have noticed a few problems though:

I noticed ice death states don't seem to work right. Usually ice death is supposed to turn enemies into ice statues for a while before they break apart, but the enemies in this mod just behave like normal dead bodies when iced. I mean, it might be that you just don't like the way ice death works, but they still look like ice statues.

The cyberdemon replacement has a tendency to fill the screen with bright fires that make it kinda hard to see what's going on. I like the idea, but they are kind of a pain just because of how much they spam stuff that gets in your way of seeing anything. I noticed the lingering flames really don't seem to do all that much damage really, so I think it would be better to up the damage the flames do but have them not linger around nearly as long or something.

That's it for now I guess. Thanks for the mod!
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by APsychicMonkey »

Just posted a big update. Added 2 new monsters and fixed the spawner for Armored Snakegirls.
Added QuadShotgunGirl: rare shotgunguy spawn, drops Supershotgun and shells. Does not fire hitscan.
Added Cacogirl: Big, tough uncommon spawn for Cacodemons. Slow, shoots powerful tesla balls.
Replaced the Sniper's railgun with a fast, deadly projectile.
Tweaked the Doomguy Imp's BFG-type blast with a smaller explosion radius but more damage.
Adjusted the Alpha on the cyberdemon Napalm Lord's fires so you can see the battle more clearly, whilst achieving the same effect. Slightly boosted damage on fires.
This can be considered the definitive version for a while. I'm working on new enemies and slight balancing adjustments, but if you come across any bugs be sure to let me know here or on discord.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by Midnight_King »

I really enjoy this. One of my favorite monster mods so far next to Colorful Hell and Brautwurst. I like the fact you didn't include gore, which is where a lot of monster packs fail.

Wondering if you'd ever consider a Heretic version?
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by bendix-hyde »

I'm liking this mod after playing through a short map with Hideous Destructor, it worked pretty well!
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by APsychicMonkey »

Re: Midnight_King: I am planning to add Heretic compatibility. I already have substitutes for the flying imps, sabreclaws, ophidians. Imps could be subbed for golems, possessed for undead warriors, cacodemons for sorcerers and hell knights for weredragons.
Which leaves "bosses", the Iron Liches, the Maulotaurs, Chaos Serpents, and D'Sparil. I'm feeling up for the challenge, and was planning on drawing those already. However, keep in mind this will make Heretic much harder without some rebalancing. The bosses will also start occasionally appearing in Doom, which will add some fun spice to encounters.
So yes, I am considering it! However, I have a few things to do before I can start adding those to the game. I'm also strongly feeling that I might draw a few some new enemies for the golems, warriors, disciples and dragons. That is gonna sting tho.
I'm quite fond of Heretic, as my use of inspired enemies probably shows. I'm pretty bad at it though.
I tried playing Hexen once. I thought it was awful. I like the Heresiarch and Ettins tho, so I might add new versions in. New bosses are always cool, although the invulnerability thing is just stupid.

Re: bendix-hyde: I admire your tolerance for pain.
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by bendix-hyde »

APsychicMonkey wrote:Re: bendix-hyde: I admire your tolerance for pain.

Believe it or not, it's actually not that bad! Especially after revving it up with Ugly as Sin and doing some personal tweaks. I keep running through my short tester maps too quickly to see if frag shards exist in SH, so I'm gonna do a run to confirm soon.
Plus the new enemies aside from the big gal replacements tend to go down very fast with one or two shots, so it's just a matter of being faster on the trigger.

Good god those Caco replacements tho. The one (and so far the only one I've encountered so far) that spawns in the last leg of mansionV2.wad, surprised me with how strong she was with her attack. I want to know more so I'm thinking of going through vanilla Doom 2 so I can see the whole cast that you've made :mrgreen:
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by APsychicMonkey »

Heretic Compatibility! All monsters (except D'Sparil) have been replaced with Stylish Hell demons!
Featuring four entirely new monsters: Dullahan Knight, Wizardgirl, Cockatrice, and Minotaurgirl!
Also, an entirely new final boss for Doom 2, a gigantic demoness in a custom arena map! Use "changemap map30" to check it out! Unless you're a glutton for pain!
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Re: Stylish Hell: Monster Randomizer inspired by LTG

Post by baddude1337 »

Great work, does indeed fit perfectly with Tailor Girl! Love the art and added difficulty they bring with the tougher variations.

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