Daggerfall monsters [WIP]

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Daggerfall monsters [WIP]

Post by BFG »

This is a work in progress mod that brings the The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall monsters into Doom via random spawners. So far they just act as basic monsters without any of their intricate RPG features, but perhaps someday those can be added. There is also no monsters for the Barons, Cyberdemons and a few others for now. I also hope to be able to make a version for Heretic & Hexen in the future.

WIP file:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/buwv68hm ... k.pk3/file

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Re: Daggerfall monster [WIP]

Post by AlphaSoraKun »

This looks interesting. Ought to give this a try when you put out a demo.
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Re: Daggerfall monsters [WIP]

Post by Nash »

Great, now I get to be yelled at to HALT in another game engine. :D
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Re: Daggerfall monsters [WIP]

Post by armymen12002003 »

can you upload this somewhere other than mediafire for some reason it's down

EDIT: nevermind it works lol just gave this a try not bad but these should really be a mod for heretic and hexen.
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Re: Daggerfall monsters [WIP]

Post by Joyson »

this is amazing. thank you so much. i am going to modify the health values and such. thank you again for setting all this up. replaces the monsters and everything. going to better categorize the spawns, humans spawning in from zombiemen ect... thanks again

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