Smooth Doom and Ketchup Patch 1.25

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Smooth Doom and Ketchup Patch 1.25

Postby dDefinder » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:06 pm

Smooth Ketchup Doom Compatibility Patch
by dDefinder

Requires Smooth Doom to be loaded before this mod. Do not use this with Ketchup Doom. Both mods are made for vanilla gameplay.

Smooth Doom:

-Combines Smooth Doom's new animation frames and gore effects with Ketchup's blood effects
-Created green and blue blood splatter effects and blood pools that weren't present in Ketchup

Ketchup Doom - Sergeant_Mark_IV
Smooth Doom - Gifty

Known Issues:
-No sticky wall gibs or ceiling blood drops for blue and green blood type.
-The current version of Smooth Doom has a bug with incorrect blood colors for green and blue. I have uploaded an older version of the mod without this issue: ...
-Smooth doom's blood splats are very performance heavy. You can disable them in the Smooth doom mod options


Code: Select allExpand view
-Updated Smooth Doom's OpenGL lighting settings to match gzdoom 3.2.0
-Fixed missing dynamic lighting for hit scanners and archviles caused by the name change from this patch
-Created 4 additional wall blood decals to increase variance and blood spray coverage
-Added version for Zandronum source port (new versions of smooth doom from oct 12 may not work with zand)

-Menu compatible with gzdoom 3.1.0 and will not override default menu or other mod options
-Removed green brains from cacodemons when they are crushed (again)
-Changed archvile gib animation to Smooth Doom instead of the generic one from Ketchup
-Added blood pools to gibbed mid-tier monsters
-Changed pinky demon gib animation to use Smooth Doom and blood splatters to Ketchup. Demons previously used both which caused some performance issues and inconsistent gore effects
-Specters now have visible gore and blood splatters when gibbed

-Fixed reverent using duplicated gib sounds and incorrect pain animations
-Removed green brains gibs from cacodemons when they are crushed
-Fixed a smooth doom bug that caused missing cacodemon death animation on the final frames

-Added Smooth DooM configuration options
-Added missing green blood splash frames
-Added more gibs for bigger monsters and improved timing
-Added blood pools for green and blue blood
-Added blood pools to specters
-Added blood effects for fast demons from Smooth Doom
-Added blood effects for Wolfenstein SS
-Reduced amount of green and blue decals when using normal blood amount setting
-Fixed blood pools from certain monsters duplicating in the same spot causing z-fighting
-Fixed mastermind not using smooth frames
-Fixed blood pools appearing instantly right after kills
-Adjusted normal green blood death

-Fixed Mastermind repeated death frames
-Fixed shotgunner and imps not using extra gib piles
-Added Smooth Doom's gib animations back to lower tier enemies instead of using ketchup's generic character gibs
-Reverted volume changes of Ketchup's crushed gib sound effects
-Minor edits to Baron and Hell Knight normal deaths
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Re: Smooth Doom and Ketchup Patch 1.2

Postby Gadosen » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:20 pm

What hud is the one in the image?
I've been playing your mashup with Doom Flakes... and makes it look even better so... keep the improvements coming :D
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Re: Smooth Doom and Ketchup Patch 1.2

Postby dDefinder » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:22 pm

Thanks, the hud is from my edit of Dancso's Maximum HUD: ... ud-dd-edit
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