Doomskater v1 [WIP]

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Doomskater v1 [WIP]

Post by waaaaaaah »

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go ice skating? Have you ever wanted to install rockets on your boots so you could run faster? Have you ever dreamed about watching everything go speedily by as you desperately try to shove a shotgun shell into the damn Imp who just pulled off a hit and run? Well, look no further, for I have the mod just for you!

Introducing, the DOOMSKATER. This is a gameplay mod that decreases the friction, pumps up the wall bouncing, and lets the chaos flow in the way that only Doom knows how.

Download here. The mod (v1) is compatible with GZDoom 2.2.0, as well as the most recent version (3.1.0)

Enemies Currently Affected
Hell Barons

Due to the difficulty with the increased amount of monsters in Ultra Violence+, Shotgunners, Imps, and Pinkies/Spectres do less damage at that skill level.

Known Issues
Too many enemies can surround you and make it impossible to pass (E1M8 currently starts off with the walls down due to this very reason)
Imp in E1M1 can get stuck in the acid

More additions are planned, so stay tuned!

ZDoom guys ;)
iD Software
FDARI and Worst (used some code on found on the forums)

This is my first mod, so I'd like as much (constructive) criticism as you can give me ;) Enjoy!
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Re: Doomskater v1 [WIP]

Post by LossForWords »

it's like doom, but with crash 2 ice physics :)

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