Nuclear Barrels! (Environmental Explosives EXTREME)

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Nuclear Barrels! (Environmental Explosives EXTREME)

Postby Spaceman333 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:06 pm

(Thanks to PillowBlaster for letting me release this mod, it uses assets from Russian Overkill)

Putting the "NUKE" back into Nukage Barrels!


This mod is a universal addon that replaces all explosive barrels with 3 different nuclear ones:
  • Regular Green MiniNukeBarrel
  • Rare Purple MegaNukeBarrel
  • Super Rare Yellow GigaNukeBarrel
Green ones do small but potent bang, purple ones will wipe out anything that has a direct line of sight to its blast, meanwhile yellow ones... your only defence is to run as far away as possible from them in order to survive their apocalyptic power. The yellow one will vaporize anything hiding behind walls within the blast radius.

Keep an eye for their pulsing glow, as it can save your life! The barrels are also a bit more tougher the bigger they are, as well as having a delay before detonation, so use these traits to your advantage to hide from the blast or escape far away before they go off!


I felt the regular barrels in doom were underwhelming, so I made this mod to add more excitement to my game.

DOWNLOAD: ... earbarrels

Huge thanks and credits go to PillowBlaster. 99.999% of the mod is his work adopted from Russian Overkill, while I only made the new barrel sprites and duct taped some decorate to make this happen. Also thanks to Lippeth for Weapons Of Saturn, I used the barrels and the code as a base for this mod.


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