Omni Shields - Universal On-demand Inventory Items

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Omni Shields - Universal On-demand Inventory Items

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Temp invulnurability and bonuses on demand!

Use nukes to vaporize demons without dying yourself!
Punch monsters with rocketlaunchers without self-harm!
Finish cyberdemons with melee without getting stomped into paste!
Play ten times as aggressive! Go fast! Be a hero!
Experience explosions up close in their full splendor by standing inside them!
Go nuclear and activate maximum overdrive during slaughtermaps!

This is a universal addon for any mod. Can be loaded with anything, regardless of weapon mod, monster mod, character mod or item mods present.


PillowBlaster = Code and Sounds from Russian Overkill
eflfe = Code from Boom Power
Cherno, Lud, Enjay, /vr/doom = Help with coding
Spaceman333 (me) = Putting this mod together


Two different versions - Load only one at a time!

OmniShieldsAddon_GetByKills.pk3 means that you'll recieve an Omni Shield item when you've killed a certain amount of enemies.
20 for Blue Micro Shields
100 for Yellow Room Shields
666 for Red Drive Shields (If a map pack does not contain any maps with over 665 monsters, then you will never get this one.)


OmniShieldsAddon_GetAtStart.pk3 means that you'll recieve a set of Omni Shield items based on the map's total monster count.
20 monsters per each Blue Micro Shields
100 monsters per each Yellow Room Shields
600 monsters per each Red Drive Shields


Tested on GZDoom 2.2.0
Balanced on Russian Overkill
Made with love <3

I use autoloading via gzdoom-Username.ini


Using Omni Shields:

Omni Shields are activatable on-demand inventory items, so make sure you have set up controls for "Next Inventory Item", "Activate Inventory Item" and so on in the game options. Once ingame and you have acquired an Omni Shield, cycle to it in the inventory and activate it whenever you want.

#Blue Micro Shields - (5 second duration)
A brief protection from all harm. Use this to land 2-3 rockets at point blank range, to protect yourself from a nuke blast (if playing Russian Overkill), avoid immediate monster damage or to perform a rocket jump safely. You can hold a maximum of 99 units of these.

#Yellow Room Shields - (30 second duration)
Intended for clearing single big rooms with agressive, reckless tactics that normally would get you killed. You can do all the good stuff as with the Blue Micro Shields, but with 6 times the duration. In addition to invulnurability, you also get faster running speed and higher jump too! You can hold a maximum of 10 units of these.

#Red Drive Shields - (3 minute duration)
MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. The ultimate superpowered rampage enabler. 3 minutes of nonstop invulnurability, double rate of fire for weapons, speed boost and jump boost for all your devastation needs! You can hold only 3 of these and they're hard to come by. Use them wisely, 3 minutes of time is a lot shorter than you can imagine.

Enjoy and kick ass!
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Re: Omni Shields - Universal On-demand Inventory Items

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