[SHORT MAP] Hakros Code 1.1

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[SHORT MAP] Hakros Code 1.1

Postby hakrosinteractive » Fri Apr 22, 2022 3:16 pm

Hello everyone, I present to you CODE a simple but intense map that I have made experimentally,

There is a total of 150 enemies and 1 secret.

I hope you like it. :-D !!



    Name: Hakros Code
    Version: 1.1
    Format: UDMF
    Port Needed: GZDoom
    IWAD: Doom2.wad
    Map: MAP01
    Mods: No
    Gameplay: Single player
    Build Time: 1 week
    Jumping & Crouching: Allowed
    Freelook: Allowed
    Difficulty settings: No
    Dehacked file: No
    Custom music: Yes
    Custom textures: Yes (included) (based on HakrosTex) (my custom texture pack :-D)
    Enemies: 150
    Secrets: 1

Standalone version includes also (GZDOOM)


Standalone version includes also (GZDOOM)
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