gz_bigcity - A city sandbox map

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gz_bigcity - A city sandbox map

Postby inkoalawetrust » Wed Jan 12, 2022 4:25 pm

Hello everyone, this is my first thread on this forum that isn't bug report or feature request. However this is far more my first map, as I've made several dozen maps since 2019. Though I've only released about 3 of them, but I may release more maps. But this thread isn't about those maps or my previous posts.



What is this map about ?:

This map is meant to simply be an urban city sandbox for people to mess around and test things in. It does not have any gameplay of it's own, or hordes of demons for you to shoot, or items to pick up. Unless you spawn them in through the console or place them into the map with a map editor of course.

The map can be useful for doing things such as testing out your mods and projects in a proper game environment, that is closer to what the mod will be getting used on than a bunch of STARTAN2 boxes and rectangles are. In fact this map was originally just made to showcase and test my mods in a more visually interesting and complex environment than said boxes. Or you can use it as a sandbox to screw in much like the GMod map it's named after.


Now you may be asking yourself. "Well that's nice and all. But is there anything else to see or do on this map besides testing mods or fucking around ?". Well I'm glad you asked, me. You can also just explore and look around the map ! Here's a list of some of the maps' features:
  • Looks nice and is fairly detailed.
  • Has background ambience in place of music. Except for some of the interiors.
  • Multiple player starts to play with you and the boys. (No idea if they work though, but I don't see why they wouldn't.)
  • Is very large and open ended, with plenty of space, especially in the city square.
  • Has cool scrolling clouds above the map. That move in a random angle and speed on every map startup.
  • Very detailed and seamless 3D skybox, that is about as close to a Source engine 3D skybox as you can get in (GZ)Doom.
  • Several 3D models all entirely made by me for the map. Some of them even display random things, on them, namely the billboards and office PCs.
  • A cool moving 3D train, that randomly runs across the map and can run you over.
  • A scripted camera system that you can enter and look across multiple cameras through, it can be found in the supermarket.
  • Custom F1 help screen in case you need info or help.
  • Several of the props found around the map can be broken and destroyed.
  • 5 interiors: The gas station, AGM office, underground parking lot, warehouse, and supermarket. I may add more interiors in updates.
  • Easter eggs, some just appear on the map, others you have to do something to get.
  • Really good performance



Full resolution screenshots and the thread banner can be found in this Imgur album.

How to play:

To play, you just need to extract all three archives to a folder, then run gz_bigcity.pk3 in GZDoom, and the other two resource archives should be automatically loaded as long as they are in the same directory. Once you are in the main menu, just pick the "Sandbox" episode on the episode select screen. And that should be it.

Map information and requirements:

Source port: The map will only run on GZDoom and maybe LZDoom, though I haven't tested that one. It definitely will NOT work with Zandronum though, and there's no way to make it do so without removing a lot of features.
Map format: GZDoom UDMF
IWAD: Doom 2
Maps: OPENCITY is the only map included. So no vanilla Doom 2 maps are replaced.

The map will ONLY run on the OpenGL or Vulkan hardware renderers, I tried running it with software once, and GZDoom just crashed. The map will also probably run a bit slow on weak PCs due to how big and open ended it is.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vrG7mh ... sp=sharing


Version 1.1 (The version released when I made this thread.):
  • Removed unused sprites, textures, and actors. Like the broken and unusable glass I had made for the gas station.
  • Updated some code comments to match the current iteration of the code they are for.
  • Added editor keys to the grey metal barrel prop.
  • Optimized the PNG textures used by the models, not sure how I forgot to do that before releasing the map.
  • Added a new desktop that can appear on the office computers.
  • Slightly raised one of the buildings behind the supermarket.
  • Removed unused defined camera textures, originally the supermarket camera system would just be one monitor for each camera, but that was WAY too inefficient for performance, so I had to make the scripted fullscreen switchable camera instead.
  • Fixed the trash can lid so it appears again when the trash can is destroyed.
  • Added credits to Cherno for the SimSun shader my models use, I forgot to add credit because the shader was a completely last minute addition.
  • On the subject of the shader, the computer monitors no longer use it, so they appear brighter again.
  • Added FreeDoom door textures on the front doors of the AGM office. And added FreeDoom door sounds on the whole office area.
  • Added siren sounds to the police cars around the map.
  • Made a wall that could be climbed to get out of bounds impassable by players.

Version 1.01:
  • Renamed the voxel model for the desert tank in the Voxel Vehicles PK3 from STANA0 to STANAO0-LOL, to stop sprite conflicts with Project Brutality's first person leg sprites. So no more tank legs.
  • Renamed the trash can sprites from TRAC to GARB, and the wood splinter sprites from WSPL to SPLI, both to prevent more sprite conflicts with Project Brutality.


I have also decided to release the urban props I've made as a standalone pack that can be used for your maps. Besides the assets I've entirely made myself, it also includes the props whose sprites are originally from Realm667 such as the trashcans, but which I've made a lot of changes to, like new code and sprites for them. I've also added some comments explaining how to add more graphics that randomly appear on the billboard and PC models.

However some things that only make sense and work in the context of the gz_bigcity map have been removed such as:
  • The "I am with stupid" UAC graphic doesn't appear on the billboard, since it's a joke that makes sense only in the context of the map*.
  • The easter egg desktop texture on the PC that is literally my own PCs' desktop has been removed. Since it's a joke specifically tied to me, the easter egg desktop that is a recursive screenshot of the PC model in Blender is still kept though.
  • The train model is only a static prop in the pack. Since the mechanism by which it moves in gz_bigcity is incredibly hardcoded and tied to the map itself.

Also, here are some renders of all the prop models I've made for the map:



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gp2hsd ... sp=sharing

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Re: gz_bigcity - A city sandbox map

Postby Caligari87 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 5:44 pm

Is there a specific load order for this? I can't seem to get it to like the props, just a bunch of Unknown Objects everywhere.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was loading from the terminal and forgot to account for the space in the voxels filename.

This is quite nice! Lags a bit for me in places but I love the style

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Re: gz_bigcity - A city sandbox map

Postby TommyGalano5 » Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:10 pm

hey hey! its finally released the style and damn the overall style is :wub: love it and by using models and voxels sparingly is pretty nice although it tends to lag my playthrough a bit in certain areas of the msp (as Caligari has mentioned) overall it's nice to see a detailed city map again that has a semi-realistic feel to it :wub:

(and now i can see my damn texture work)
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Re: gz_bigcity - A city sandbox map

Postby kalensar » Wed Jan 19, 2022 4:13 pm

All I'm going to say is that most of your lag issues are coming from your 3D Sky Box event handler. I tried to edit it to test this hypothesis, but just couldn't quite get it unwound from the map mod itself, But i 85% guarantee that would solve most of the lag issues. A mod size of 22mb is hardly anything that should be causing this kind of lag because I've played and edited maps that are just crazy in detail and have ZERO lag.
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