[Hexen] [ERLBA Demo Map] Sunrise Citadel - RC0

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[Hexen] [ERLBA Demo Map] Sunrise Citadel - RC0

Postby alexsa2015sa » Mon Jan 10, 2022 9:57 pm

DOWNLOAD LINK - RC 0: https://mega.nz/file/MjYHzSBY#7e3ochb1NNgaKa-0dgJaEe9S2hyehRyevTkTeHGelCg

The story I guess:
Someone dug up yet another heresiarch and hordes of ettins have overrun the Sunrise Citadel. You must travel to deal with the fiend. Several hundred monsters, or maybe even a thousand, stand in your way.

It was conceived as pure limit-removing Hexen map. It er, sort of still is... for a given value. Either way this is, first and foremost, ERLBA (thread here) demo map aside from being a Hexen map. When played with ERLBA 0.40, almost every monster is out there somewhere, waiting to do unspeakable things to GZDoom players.

I ran out of many, many, many things in the process.

TL;DR Use DSDA, any Zdoom-derivative, or other advanced port supporting Hexen. Crispy and most forks will not work.

Map is big, non-linear, with six simple puzzles and many other minor scripts. What *I* consider simple puzzles. They actually take thinking. Monster density is typical for my Hexen maps (think Deathkings). Under skill 5 mana and flechettes are abundant... until you realise that you are, in fact, backtracking second time and the closets are not opening yet. You may run out completely if you rely on ultimate weapon too much or blast invulnerable Heresiarch.

Known issues:
- This is RC0 because I absolutely forgot class bosses exist. Have not decided whether I bother to add them or make a nice other map instead.
- Some polyobjects don't display correctly without rebuilding nodes. Tricking nodebuilder into not splitting their sectors is too much work.
- DSDA support for Hexen is not complete - buut at least you can 100% play entire map, if you mind not the unsupported features and the fact it is RC0 yet and I tend to tweak map layout enough it will break demos. (edit: the first upload contained malformed MAPINFO in Zdoom format which obviously didn't work with DSDA)

Fatally shot screens (I no shooter, I no sniper)

DOWNLOAD LINK - RC 0: https://mega.nz/file/MjYHzSBY#7e3ochb1NNgaKa-0dgJaEe9S2hyehRyevTkTeHGelCg
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