[GZDoom] Dooming The Bar - Volume 1

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[GZDoom] Dooming The Bar - Volume 1

Postby Chief Smokey » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:29 pm

Dooming The Bar is an ongoing project centered on remaking cut maps from the Half-Life 2 Beta in Doom using GZDoom features for as much accuracy as possible. Volume 1 is themed around 2000/2001 era City 17 and features the maps:

city_test03 (the infamous "Get your free TVs!" demo)
c17_01_13 (the original train station)
c17_05_05 (the Manhack Arcade)
subt_1 + lab_01 (the City 17 underground and Kleiner's original lab)

As the original maps are largely devoid of gameplay outside of walking or opening doors, the same applies here. The maps have no endings, so just take a stroll and bask in the glory of Valve's cut content.

GZDoom is the recommended source port to use due to the usage of UDMF.


https://www.mediafire.com/file/469d1v78 ... 1.zip/file


https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/1 ... -volume-1/

Thanks to Dynam1k for technical assistance and the HL2 Project Beta team for their original map/asset restorations used as reference.
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Re: [GZDoom] Dooming The Bar - Volume 1

Postby MonoculusRift » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:39 pm

Well! I must say, this was a treat to play through. It was nice to walk around the environments, and I got a thorough creepy feeling of loneliness as I played. The sound bites were definitely of assistance there, and the fourth map, City 17 Underground was probably my favorite of the bunch from the exploration of abandoned buildings and light platforming.
That being said, I'm unsure what feedback to give as this is intended as a recreation of an unfinished product, so I will hold off on comments of nodrawn textures and the like.
One thing I must say was confusing was doors- I was never quite sure which doors were actually usable, and this lead to wallhumping and an uncertainty as to whether I had truly "completed" a map due to the lack of a level end. I am not quite sure how to make these doors more distinct other than specific use of textures to codify them, or maybe desaturating those that are unusable. Additionally, the front door on the left of the "Manhack Arcade" appears to not function.
Good job, though. Liking the atmospherics! :D
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