Which doom mod have the best Tesla\Lightning effect for gun?

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Which doom mod have the best Tesla\Lightning effect for gun?

Postby MaxRideWizardLord » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:13 pm

I'm really curious, which mods do you know that have the most realistic, vivid, beautiful and most cupful behaving lightning for Tesla\Lightning\Electric weapon or a spell? It's not necessarily needs to be a weapon, it pretty much could be a spell, or a feature, or anything that emerges the continuous stream of sustained energy.

Unfortunately, most mods (and games, for that matter) I know mostly have lightning\tesla gun that either behaving exactly like plasma rifle from doom (see: Blood), but mostly like a simple linear laser with no spread and often with short range; most of the time lacking any other extra feature like stunlock or AoE lightning after effect which negates any reason to call it a lightning\electric\tesla weapon but rather a generic laser rifle, things you see mostly in Quake and Quake clones.

However, there ARE still some representatives of relatively realistic behaving electric\lightning effect of a lightning\tesla weapon. Namely, the Tesla Gun from the famous Return To Castle Wolfenstein:

( 10:10 )

( 7:47 )

( 28:04 )

Now this is how the true Lightning should behave in any video game. A chaotic release of pure energy seeking for it's prey. As you can see, the gun radiates 5-7 arcs of lightning hitting in a completely random spots and never the same, while at the same time seeking for metal objects and NPC to hit, one arc for each NPC\object. This gun automatically hits everyone in the visible area to the player with the endless stream of electricy, with additional realistic effect of stunning them with muscle spasms making foes unable to fight back and basically zapping them to death (and have quite the long range, too). Basically, it's a shotgun of the RTCW, but fully automatic, no need to reload, each shot seek for enemies automatically (although one pellet per person) and causing them being stun through electric shock paralyzation, although still with limited range. One of it's usefulness is that lightning can seek people from corners too.

Another game with gloriously functioning electric weapon is, which is not surprising, is the Return To Castle Wolfenstein sequel, that is The Wolfenstein, or Wolfenstein 2009 (quite underrated gem to be honest):

As you can see there, the lightning become all even more beautiful and even more chaotic. Although the range is vastly reduced, the lightning for this gun end up to be even more vivid and smooth with more serene drain of enemies' HP until they are fried to death, and have a whole new animation of stun-spasms for each foe under the "zap-effect" (and probably even cause small Damage-Over-Time damage when you stop shooting at the target). The gun itself has improved from the previous game, In addition to all that, not only the lightning automatically seeks the foes and nearby objects to destroy in it's wrath while paralyze the foes to a point they are unable to fight back, but cause the foes to chain-lightning each other and even chain-lightning the foes behind them that the lightning from the gun couldn't reach! And it seem to even capable to "charge up the floor", causing it to do small "lightning sparkles" effect which seem to do small AoE damages to nearby enemies standing near them.

So far these are the only FPS video games with proper working lightning weapons that truly behave like REAL lightning\electricity would behave. Maybe have such beauties like the masterpieces we seen in Wolfenstein series is asking too much, but anything that is at least similar to it? Which is the best realistically behaving and functioning lightning\electric\tesla gun in doom mod that you have seen yourself? The closest thing I can think is the Powercube's primary attack from the Russian Overkill, but I doubt the author of that mod even thought of it as electricity, as it shoot some green weird-looking techno-plasma thingy, although it just shoots short-ranged plasma-beams in random directions very quickly and doesn't even seek any enemy nearby.

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