[Gamemode] Capture The Flag Base/Mod

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[Gamemode] Capture The Flag Base/Mod

Postby TDRR » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:27 am

I started this on Dec-2017, before i even got an account here, it was made for Skulltag Emulation so i could port the CTF and ST maps, but then i uploaded DUBG first and as i kept updating it i wanted to add more gamemodes, so i ported the CTF mode to it and added it in update 3, a couple days later i released Skulltag Emulation with a few CTF and ST maps included.

Now, since separating this from those mods might require a bit of work i decided to separate it from those mods and this way i could put it in other mods much easier and faster, but then i kept updating it making it better and better and finally i thought it would be a much better idea to release it because keeping it to myself isn't any good. (A bit of a coincidence is that i happened to finish polishing it minutes before my bday and ended up releasing it in my birthday at 1am)

So you might be wondering: "Why did you just type that story?" well, because i didn't want to release it just like "ok so here it is have at it guyze!!!" and have the post look like a stub.

So anyways, here's the important stuff:
To make a CTF map with this mod you have to make a room outside the playing area with a bunch of DM starts, place thing 9132 which is the CTF player start, placing it normally means it's a Red team start, while placing it with the Deaf/Ambush flag set means it's a Blue team start, the flag DoomED numbers are 9130 and 9131 for the blue and red flags respectively.
And that's it, no complicated scripting needed nor any special map format, the Doom, Hexen and UDMF map formats work the same.

To use this in your mod, simply paste all of the files in the PK3 (Except the .wad files because those are maps) into your mod, and give credit. (A text file inside your mod that says something like "TDRR - Made the CTF system" and "Skulltag Team - Flag sprites" is enough)

To actually play the gamemode you need to enable Deathmatch and Teamplay and set your team to either 0 or 1 (red or blue), note that Team Deathmatch will play normally in maps without a red flag.

Spoiler: Credits

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