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GBA Doom editor

Postby kgsws-CZ » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:47 am

Since i stopped with anything related to doom, i guess this might be useful to someone.
I started a GBA Doom (1) editor some time ago. It is not yet finished but it is already usable to create a good mods.
- full texture/sprite replace support
- partial graphics replace support (images stored in WAD)
- sound replace support
- dehacked-like editing support, states and actors (with code-pointers)
- internal storage (ROM size) is limited, i recommend you to remove unused graphics, yes there is a plenty of unused graphics inside, before you start editing.
Source code included - but it is not example of clean coding, reason included.
Hope this will help someone or ...

EDIT: to create a map you need a special app that will create GBA nodes called LEAFS, i am not quite sure where you can get it, but i know this app does exist. Someone already changed GBA map and created (found?) this tool.
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Re: GBA Doom editor

Postby Average » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:48 am

Oh boy, oh boy!

Please, someone with talent, do something with this. I love my GBA Doom and have always wanted to play custom levels on my GB Micro.

Alien Vendetta on Game Boy? Yes please! :)

PS: Maybe this could be a side project for Kaiser?? (hint, hint!)
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