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HQuest 2: Tides of Despair Demo

Post by LilWhiteMouse »


RL issues have come up so I can't do any more work on this for a while. The feral griffon isn't in included, but afaik everything else up to the demo's end is, save the heretic player.

Just drag the zip onto ZDoom.

The main player is a Cerulean lance maiden. Cerulean's are worshipers of Monoceros, the unicorn demigod. Lance maidens are celibate fighters among the warrior caste. Their pure spirit allows them to wield the Alacorn lance like a magic sword. When socketed with charms, a lance maiden can channel her spirit through it with various effects. In it's basic form however, it is capable of piercing multiple enemies at once. Damage inflicted is dependant on the player's level. Damage will also reduce with each subsequent thrust.

When socketed, primary fire will remain the melee thrust, but altfire will attack with the socketed effect. The first charm available is Foul Decay. Any enemy that passes through the poison cloud will become plagued. A plagued enemy will have it's hp's reduced by half (only once), and take damage over a period of time. There are two other charms available in the demo. The lightning charm isn't available, but I *think* it's done, summon LightningGem to try it.

To socket a weapon, you need to either go to the smithy, or use the charm directly if you have a socketing kit.

I'm sure most of you won't like the lance maiden, but I made her specifically for my enjoyment. It is my intent to allow use of the heretic at some point.

Shops are navigated with mouselook and primary fire, and text is also advanced with primary fire. Click on Buy/Recruit to toggle it to Sell/Dismiss in the item and mercenary screens respectively.

Once you have access to them, there are two repeating dungeons: forest, and mines. They have no relevance to the plot. They're just places you can go to fight.

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Post by chopkinsca »

I'd say wait until it's complete before showing it to anyone. I know I'd like to see how it plays, but would prefer seeing the final product. Since you are working on it again, I take it things worked out for you, eh?
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Post by HotWax »

If it's an actual demo (as opposed to a beta) I say go for it.

In my mind, the difference is that a beta product is something that is unfinished, and people signing on to test it should expect to see bugs, incompletes features, etc. A demo should be polished enough that you'd consider it good enough for a release if the whole project was done that way.

So, it's up to you then. If you feel that the first map is at a more or less finished state, or you'd be willing to take some time and put some polish on it before releasing the demo, go for it. I for one would love to get a sneak peek at it, and it could go a long way to keeping interest alive.

On the other hand, if what you have is more of a beta, I would keep it to yourself for now.

Just my $0.02.
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Post by Nash »

It's up to you if you want to let out a sneak preview, but I'd rather play it when more quests are available. HQuest robbed several hours of my life away from me and I want HQuest II to rob even more. XD
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Post by Matt »

Out of curiosity, can someone post a link to HQuest 1?
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Re: HQuest 2: Tides of Despair

Post by skadoomer »

LilWhiteMouse wrote:Would anyone want a playable demo of HQuest 2's first map?
A LWM project with more than one map? Seriously though, how much time would there be between a demo release and the finished mod? Anything more than 6 months deserves a demo.
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Post by Shadelight »

Yeah, what everyone else said, take time to fix all the bugs and stuff before releasing a demo.
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Post by LilWhiteMouse »

I'll finish the quests for the next two maps and release a demo then. Bugs and balancing won't be ironed out until after I get something released. Can't fix what I don't know about. The only 'feature' that doesn't currently work are the mercenaries, as I'm not at a point in the game they're available. They'll eventually be needed in the second map so they'll be completed for the demo.
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Post by LilWhiteMouse »

The demo is all but complete, just two things basically holding it up now. I need to code in an ability to dismiss specific mercenaries (basically just copy, paste, and tweak the hiring code), and add a monster. The monster is giving me problems, creativity wise.

Feral Griffin WIP
He needs a weapon/attack, but my muse and I are clueless (not entirely true, just nothing I'll use). Anyone want to toss in suggestions?
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Post by XutaWoo »

Claw, obviously. And might as well as a tornado attack if it's supposed to be strong
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Post by Karnizero »

XutaWoo wrote:Claw, obviously. And might as well as a tornado attack if it's supposed to be strong
Yes, claw obiously, but not ANY claw attack...

Something like a Lost Soul from Doom should be ok. A Fast charging movement from sky to the player, then, a claw attack, and he moves a bit far from player to avoid possible counterattacks.

Appart of the tornado attack (that makes me to remember the Heretic Liches attacks), you can make them a painfull attack:

Griffin Battle Cry: the griffin, from the distance, will make a deadly cry, who will hit player inmediately (like a pistol or chaingun).

I the player is nearly from the griffin (i mean hand to hand), the griffin will push back the player, like those mages from Hexen 2 (dunno remember the name, but i think they are called Raven Mage or Spider Mage).

The griffin's feathers are a natural protection, so if he is in a compromised situation, he can make a "shield" with his feathers, and reflect (or absorb) any damage.

I have more ideas, but now i must go...

Cya :D
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Post by Ryan Cordell »

If they're like ordinary bird feathers, feathers will do SQUAT against swords, guns, BFG's, etc. . .
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Post by Unknown_Assassin »

-Zoom towards the player and grab the player with its claws and squeeze the living daylights out of him.

-Charging towards player with a claw attack or maybe its beak. For the beak, the Griffin could either peck or open its mouth to take a bite at the player.

-It creates huge amounts of gusts at the player and weapons become useless. The projectiles will be reflected.

-A tornado attack from its wings or a sonic attack from its mouth.

-Shielding itself with its feathers is a good idea.

-Fast speed allows the Griffin to dodge projectiles.

Special Techniques:
-Fly to the sky to prevent the player from shooting it. The Griffin could then strike either from the air or charge towards the player.
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Post by Matt »

The legs, wings, and anime look make me think that the griffon should be walking the majority of the time, then for longer-range attacks leap up into the air and dive diagonally for the player Gwen Reapor-style. This might be preceded by a zigzaggy charge while shooting something at the player.

Closer up, maybe a simple mauler demon/babuin-like leap with a temporary change to low gravity to justify a longer range if the target backs away.
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Post by Harbringer »

How about a charging attack that uppercuts the assaulted monster/player off the ground into the air, or just knocked back.

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