[4.8.2] Action special 50 sometimes detected as underwater

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[4.8.2] Action special 50 sometimes detected as underwater

Post by ReformedJoe »

Here's a video demonstration.

Action special 50 - ExtraFloor_LightOnly (aka "Transfer Brightness Level" in UDB) is sometimes detected (partially) as if the player were underwater. The "*surface" player sound is played while in a sector being affected by this special - but only if the control sector is sloped.

This is GZDoom 4.8.2. The last version I used was 4.7.1, which did not have this bug.

See attachment for example map.
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Re: [4.8.2] Action special 50 sometimes detected as underwat

Post by Blue Shadow »

Seems to be already fixed, as I don't get that using 4.9pre-115-gf13e95ccb.

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