Abandonment Issues - Four Ex-Projects Of Varying Novelty

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Abandonment Issues - Four Ex-Projects Of Varying Novelty

Post by Kinsie »


Download (25.6mb)

These will not be finished or developed further, for various boring reasons. More information is in the included text file. Feel free to tear these apart for your own mod projects (the class-specific weapon pickup stuff Xaser did for Crosshairs will likely be useful to someone out there...)
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Re: Abandonment Issues - Four Ex-Projects Of Varying Novelty

Post by Solid-Head »

Thank you for sharing this Kinsie. Its always better to release stuff like this if you plan to never touch it again. Lot of people will find this useful.

I especially like the Salt Match thingy. With the ability to recruit a party that you could ''level up'', you could get a very nice gameplay mod out of this. Maybe even add spells into it. I may steal borrow some idea from it. :3:
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Re: Abandonment Issues - Four Ex-Projects Of Varying Novelty

Post by Captain J »

Absolutely golden, hidden treasures you dug up there. I love them all, especially this saltmatch one! If you polish it enough, you can make randomly-generated fancy arena simulation to demonstrate your very own custom monsters. I would like to see this one finished, but i'm this excited.

Granted, we now have Deathmatch Simulator. But some kind of arena gamble simulator that i don't have to spill my blood like this might be interesting.

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