Mars One / Castlevania : Fugue of Repentance [2 PROJECTS]

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Mars One / Castlevania : Fugue of Repentance [2 PROJECTS]

Postby HexenMapper » Sun May 01, 2016 11:15 pm

I have 2 projects on the go, thought I'd share them here if anyone wants to play around. Any suggestions are welcome.

Project #1
  • Mod for Doom2, Using actual images of mars as textures
  • Realistic low-G environment, made to be close to the actual mars surface - large open spaces.
  • limited weapons at this stage: Main weapon is modified pistol (not sure where the sprites are from... anyone help?), has a slow rate of fire, but enemy health is lowered so it (should) feel pretty powerful.
  • Stimpack is stored in inventory and used when you need it (like the quartz flask from hexen) I plan to implement most items this way. Bezerk, rad suits, etc will be activated when you want to use them, instead of as soon as you pick them up
  • Original doom monsters edited: demons and Imps can charge, Zombiemen have to reload and can rapid fire at you. Most of these were examples I made based on the ideas of combine kegan for his blastmaster mod I think. The charging demon and the charge-up caco were his ideas, but I thought they were pretty cool so decided to keep them for now. I plan on re-doing most of the monsters in doom2 to make them more challenging, and for the player to fear them and play carefully. Ideally they will be very fast, hit hard, but all have their health significantly reduced so the pistol can still take them out quickly.
  • Most sound is muted, as if player is wearing some thick vacc-suit. Breathing sounds added for immersion.
  • Currently just one map, WIP. Some underground hab areas to explore but nowhere near complete. Hope to finish off 1 good map for this.

Download: (11MB)
Runs in GZDoom with the doom2.wad Recommend turning on "Randomize Pitches" in the sound settings


Project #2
Castlevania: Fugue of Repentance
  • TC for Hexen, turning it into Castlevania 3D
  • Map is based on and built to the background textures from Symphony of the Night, accurate to a couple of pixels. Currently one massive Strip, but I will probably have it branching out to make use of the space available in a doom map (and so its not a cluster-fuck of 3D floors...)
  • XP and Level up system implemented, enemies constantly respawn so you can grind. Leveling up increases your max health and fills your health at this stage.
  • Whip, Throwing axe and Holy Water grenades implemented. Whip still needs some work but its getting there... Throwing axe uses hearts as ammunition.
  • Enemy pain and death states altered to have flashing red and to spawn flames upon death, true Castlevania style.
  • Whip-able candles that flicker red and explode into flames, dropping items (just hearts at this stage)
  • I've asked Alando If I can use his lizardman sprites and sounds, but no reply yet. The DECORATE and jumping scripts are done by me.
  • While the castle is based on rooms and encounters from SOTN, the story will be custom. You play as someone called "Bela Auguste"
  • Hope to finish at least one map in purely 2D/2.5D set up, just to see if its possible. I'd like to make it to the first boss fight at the very least.

Download: (23MB)
Runs in GZDoom only, with the hexen.wad. Looks like shit in zdoom, possibly due to unpalleted textures
The size of this could come down, I need to use TEXTURES to flip side images instead of just having 2 versions in the wad.

Old Gameplay video (before whip was fixed, and before level up system implemented/more enemies added and more level built):

3D Floors galore:

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome, I'm just doing these for fun at the moment, not sure which I should focus on, but its kind of fun to chop and change between 2 totally different projects!
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Re: Mars One / Castlevania : Fugue of Repentance [2 PROJECTS

Postby Luigi2600 » Tue May 03, 2016 11:13 am

This seems very promising can't wait to see some progress with these two mods. :D
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Re: Mars One / Castlevania : Fugue of Repentance [2 PROJECTS

Postby HexenMapper » Tue May 03, 2016 11:34 am

I've made good progress on both of these. I updated the link for the mars mod. Introduced a quick use cattle-prod and some more areas to explore. Pistol now can be reloaded and has an 11 round magazine. I added the correct Beretta 96D sound effects, as well as a nice cattle prod hit. The Cattle prod is a lot of fun to quick whip out, its used by alt-firing with the pistol or thermal dets. you can "give cattleprod" in the console or go and find it in the map. Should be handy for keeping imps and demons at bay when they get to close.
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