Doom: The Golden Souls ["Even More Definitive Edition" OUT!]

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Doom: The Golden Souls ["Even More Definitive Edition" OUT!]

Post by Batandy »


Definitive Edition

Launch Trailer

Please use the latest Gzdoom Dev Build


Known Bugs:
* Playing without automatic saves can lead to unexpected results like losing key items after restarting a map post-death

Old Beta Downloads
General Description
Doom : The Golden Souls is a groundbreaking hub-based mod, heavily influenced by one of the greatest games of all time: Super Mario 64.
To progress through the game, you must collect "Golden Souls" in order to unlock doors in the main hub, a big mansion. You can access any level through the paintings on the walls.
In order to explore every single part of a level, you may even need to backtrack in an older painting, after finding an important item.

The Gameplay
This mod has got alot of different gameplay styles: You may have to simply reach the golden soul in a level, while in another you'll have to rush through an Athletic level, avoiding obstacles and such, you may have to help some NPCs in order to reach your goal, or even collect 8 red coins to get the Soul.

The Weapons

Your starting weapon, it must reload after 6 shots (or you can reload manually after firing some shots)

Over and Under Shotgun
Your main shotgun, a good ol' break action gun!
It's really accurate (Based on real life shotguns, not videogame shotguns) but it has to reload after 2 shots (or you can reload manually).
Really powerful,but not really good agaist a large group of enemies.

Assault Rifle
This kalashnikov's not very accurate, but it's really good for clearing a room of enemies. After 50 shots you'll have to reload (or you can reload manually)

Automatic Shotgun
This bad boy has a very fast rate of fire, and can fire 8 shots before reloading (you can reload manually with the alt fire key) but the bullets do less damage than the over and under, and it has got a way bigger spread

Shoots spikes which bounce off walls, great for hitting enemies behind corners, or hitting multiple enemies at once.
No reload, but low ammo

The items

Image -Basic coin: Collect as many coins you can! They might be useful to buy portable medkits and refill ammo, or you might need them for some level based events.
Image - Big Coin: These coins are harder to find, usually you can find 3 of them hidden in a level. They are used to unlock secret rooms of the mansion
Image - Golden Soul : The main object of the game, you need to collect souls to unlock the mansion's doors and continue the game.

Old Trailers

-General Rules-

*Every custom resource added by the user must be stored in a different wad, so i can actually tell what you've added. It can be props and textures, but not monsters
*Hexen format is preferred
*If you don't know how to add the scripts to make the maps work, upload it without scripts
*Don't worry about the map slot, i'll probably change it. Just don't pick anything below MAP18
*The maps must not include big coins, since they require big coins to be unlocked
*The maps must not include weapon pickups
*The maps must not include boss enemies

-Style Rules-

*This is a mod based on Super Mario's gameplay and aesthetics, not a Super Mario mod, please do not add stufff like floating blocks and warp pipes,
think more like "What if Doom was colorful and happy-looking?"
*Red coins maps are usually big and open spaces that don't force the player to follow a specific path (Think "Super Mario 64")
*Basic Star Soul maps usually follow a straight path (Think "Super Mario 3D Land" and 2d mario games)

This description is not final and may change along with the development of the mod.
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Cardboard Marty »

I've been watching this in the WIP thread and WOW! This looks absolutely fantastic! Consider me hyped!
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by wildweasel »

Looks really impressive, but if I may weigh in one small quibble, I don't really think the reload animations are quite as awesome as they could be. You could smooth them out considerably, and make them less "robotic" and more natural-looking, with some clever use of Offsets and a little manual interpolation.
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Matt »

I love the way this looks. Could be even better if you had more cartoony graphics and sound for the monsters but this is supposed to be Doom. :P

Seconding what Weasel said, but definitely liking the weapon choice! (please tell me there are no plans for a higher-capacity shotgun)
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Springy »

I've also been tracking this in the what the hell are you working on thread and like what I see. I like the Super Mario 64 and Doom fusion style of game play you have put in place here. I look forward to playing it.
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Hellstorm Archon »

Why am I finding myself wanting to play this? Keep up the great work! :D
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by SamVision »

Are those the only weapons? Are there any powerups?
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Pisstepank »

This looks awesome! Looking forward to test this :)
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by hugoroy »

Oh damnit, I was just starting to make something like this :p
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by 0bsidian »

*Picks up jaw*

Can I playtest PLEEEAZE?
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by lizardcommando »

This looks pretty neat.
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Darsycho »

Hmm, in my opinion the flower monster from shadowcaster looks like it'd fit better in this.
Looks interesting so far!
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by janiform »

That mushroom would work well in this mod, too.
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Batandy »

Thank you alot for your feedback,it's really important for me, i'm aiming to have a top-tier mod, but i can't do it without your help :P
Today i'm making the second level, (And i need to decide if i should make the doors in the mansion with polyobjects or not...we'll see...)
SamVision wrote:Are those the only weapons? Are there any powerups?
There will be powerups, as i said, the description is not final, it will be updated evey time i'll post new stuff, including new weapons, levels and items.

jack101 wrote:Hmm, in my opinion the flower monster from shadowcaster looks like it'd fit better in this.
Looks interesting so far!
Oh wow, thanks for posting those monsters, i really like that mushroom and those plants! I'll make some monsters out of them for sure!
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Re: DooM : The Golden Souls

Post by Enjay »

Looks cool.

Before I clicked, I thought that it was going to be something to do with LOST SOULSPHERE: Gold Edition.

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