XMAPEDIT - Updated Blood MAPEDIT tool

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XMAPEDIT - Updated Blood MAPEDIT tool

Post by Dzierzan »

Hey there!

I hope there are here some Blood game fans. So NoOne (the creator of No Hope in Sight mod https://www.moddb.com/mods/no-hope-in-sight-demo for NBlood or New/Final Alone in the Dark maps for also Blood) has released XMAPEDIT! This new tool supersedes old rusty Blood MAPEDIT as it has a lot of quality life improvements, lots of bugs fixed, extra features compatible with NBlood only and more. Click the link and find out!


Here's also a video which shows the main new features:

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Re: XMAPEDIT - Updated Blood MAPEDIT tool

Post by Thatonespymain »

heard about this in the blood discord, thinking this might make me go for blood mapping

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