HD-style slow bullet

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HD-style slow bullet

Postby Matt » Sun Feb 14, 2021 1:22 pm


In the readme, I wrote:A finite-speed hitscan projectile based on Hideous Destructor's bullet.

Useful for very small, very fast projectiles (like, you know, bullets) where a regular fastprojectile would be making thousands upon thousands of collision checks every tick.

Distributed under GPL as a derivative work of the GZDoom source.

To see what it's about, load the entire pk7, hit IDFA and select weapon slot 4 ("SlowBulletTester").

Most changes you might want to add should be available through the properties or virtual function overrides.

Use +NOBLOOD to get rid of the impact blood.

Known bugs
Collision against 3D floors and some walls not entirely reliable.

This replaces this previous obsolete attempt.
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