News from 5 May 1999

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News from 5 May 1999

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:29 pm

ZDoom 1.17c is now available. This is a maintenance release and offers no significant new functionality. After Cyb released Zort 3, I realized there was a nasty savegame bug that surfaced when trying to save levels that had BOOM wind or current effects. I also decided to make
a few more minor changes for this version:
  • Fixed game saving crashes on maps with wind/current effects.
  • In deep water sectors, the underwater light and fog colors can now be set independently of the area above water by changing them in the conrol sector.
  • Added nojump, allowjump, nofreelook, and allowfreelook keywords for use in MAPINFO lumps.
  • The random number seed now changes each time you run the program.

Heretic/Hexen/DDF-like support is still planned for version 1.18 and is being developed independently in another source tree. 1.17c was done entirely this morning from the original 1.17b sources and has not inherited anything from the current 1.18 sources. It will probably still be a while before 1.18 is ready, because I recently discovered GNU Bison (and other Yacc clones). I will probably throw away most of the work I had already done on the external data format (which was extensive) in favor of an approach that should be considerably more flexible. I do not want to give out any details until it's done or close to done.
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