Ultimate Torment & Torture (New Screens p.26)

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Post by Unknown_Assassin »

Cutmanmike wrote:Because i've already seen them too much I guess. I'm talking about dark imps (although they seem to be edited sprites this time), those things which look like barons of hell wearing armor and a spear what shoots stuff and the shielded ones (again look different, much cooler but I still hate those things :P). Maybe more.

Some of them I haven't ever seen, like those shadowy imp things that run around and those creepy looking imps. Also those barons that look like they're on fire and rape you (man their attack is so unfair).
You played KDiZD right? You would know that those imps called Shadow (inherited from the Fast Imp) was in the first level of Z1M1. The dark areas just made it harder to see them clearly. Also Tormentor did mention he was using KDiZD's resources. So seeing that the Dark Imps have different edits, it is no surprise there.

I'm guessing the baron description fits more of a Bruiser (Again, the monster is in KDiZD) than an Afrit. :biggrin:
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Post by Cutmanmike »

Believe it or not I still haven't played through KDiZD
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Post by Tormentor667 »

By the way news on the whole Coop test thingie ;)

Phobus and Cutman have already done one testing session in which several bugs occured that I have fixed so far and Phobus is going to do another coop session in the next few days. Beyond, I got one of my non-doom-related friends to play with me and TNT E1 is finished so far, tonight is E2 :)
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Post by dennisj1 »

Would someone consider locking this? Project complete.
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