|GZDoom] E3M1 Hell Keep Remake

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|GZDoom] E3M1 Hell Keep Remake

Post by RaZZoR »

I started this simply as another enhancing project with better lighting, but at the end it is overall a remake. From original map sustained only few lines. Everything else is new or remade, but i tried to keep similar layout and feel of the original. Map is designed to use with HD textures and PBR materials, but these are not required, but map is much better looking. However Liquid textures pack mod was required, so i merged map with it for easy use, because without this mod would be lava falls static. Map is packed as PK3 and works only in GZDoom (Ultra Violence only), so you simply drag and drop file to gzdoom.exe. Proper music is also included - BFG Division by Mick Gordon, but it is edited by me. I cut out "calm" sections and left only the kickass part.

Map download - https://tinyurl.com/mptuce5r

HD textures - https://tinyurl.com/yutvuj4d
PBR, Parallax - https://tinyurl.com/2p95zxvv

Liquid texture pack, HD textures and PBR are not my work, so credits belongs to their authors.

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