Blood Harvest, an unofficial expansion to SIGIL

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Blood Harvest, an unofficial expansion to SIGIL

Post by Znakemaster »

Introducing Blood Harvest. An unofficial expansion to SIGIL featuring three blood soaked maps.

I started on this mod after I completed SIGIL. I learned how to use Doom Builder 2 just enough so I could create my accessibility version of SIGIL which I released soon after. Eager for more I tried my hand at learning how to make some maps for Doom and slowly I started getting the design down.
Four years later Blood Harvest is complete."

Name: Blood Harvest
Map Format: ZDOOM ( Doom in Doom format )
Ports Tested: GZDoom
IWAD: Doom 2
Map(s): MAP01, MAP02, MAP03
Music: Dmitrii Kolesnikov - Dark Suspense, Daniel Hourtoulle - Time for Weakness ( non copyright Pixabay music ), Maps set to use D_E3M4, D_E3M2 and D_E3M3 to implement IDKF2v2 as a separate download.
Gameplay: Single player
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Multiplayer Placement: No
Build Time: Maps built over the span of 4 years
Textures: Doom 1 and Doom 2 textures, 1 modified MODWALL2 texture
Requirements: Freelook required, Jumping and crouching permitted. Balanced with Brutal Doom 2.1 in mind, but not required. ... 8372.2.png ... 5048.1.png ... 8372.1.png


After vanquishing the formidable Baphomet, Doomguy's victory was abruptly interrupted. As he stepped through the portal, his intended journey to Earth took an unforeseen detour.
Instead, he found himself ensnared within the malevolent grasp of Agonos, the Blood Harvesting planet.

Trapped within the crimson-drenched hellscape of Agonos, Doomguy became a captive of the insidious forces that ruled this forsaken realm. Shackled by chains of darkness,
he was imprisoned deep within the bowels of this wicked domain.

Doomguy awakens to the grim reality of his confinement in the heart of Agonos. Surrounded by the chilling echoes of suffering souls and tormented by the ceaseless thirst for blood,
he must navigate the treacherous corridors and nightmarish landscapes of his prison.

In the blood-soaked realm of Agonos, the battle for escape and redemption begins.


Download Blood Harvest:

IDKFAv2 DOWNLOAD: ... soundtrack

Brutal Doom 2.1:

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