Intermission scaling problems

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Intermission scaling problems

Post by eharper256 »

Having some pain trying to create a new version of the chess intermission for Hexen for Walpurgis to use.

Notably, the Background command scales; but DrawConditional does not. Therefore, if I use a 960 x 540 widescreen background, I can't use a 320 x 540 chunk for the replacer part. I have to use one that is sized to a 320 x 200 screen; which creates disparity between the two, as it also seems like the DrawConditional is forced to 4:3 ratio canvas that is WITHIN the usual widescreen making it impossible to get this piece widescreen, so even if a smaller image with the relative dimensions divided by 3 is created, it never matches. :x

Leading us to rubbish screen-in-screen looking stuff like this:

Which also has a undesirable and ugly line where the replacement is taking place, if you look carefully. :(

Moreover, if I specifically adapt the Drawconditional with some negative numbers and scale it precisely with a lot of faff, it will then most likely fail to look any good if someone else is not on 1080p or similar resolution. If only I could have ConditionalBackground, that would work, but alas.

Are there any workarounds for any of this?

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